Fashion stores are ruling the online shopping industry. These stores have a variety of products for various groups of customers. There’s a fashion for, kids, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and old age. You can find either homogeneous or hybrid fashion stores for such products. Shein app also represents a renowned eCommerce fashion app that’s gaining adequate customer attention these days. The mobile app has millions of fashion products for men and women.

Customers can order their favorite outfits and get safe and secure home or commercial delivery. Shein app has a variety of fashion goods for especially female customers and distributes them among different price ranges as per consumer convenience. Such fashion apps are contributing a lot to the global eCommerce sector. Because fashion goods always have a high demand.

These goods are evergreen and just change their form over a period. The fashion and garments industry can’t be replaced because people always need something to wear. Therefore, apps like Shein are never going to lose a business opportunity in the future.

Through this article, you can analyze the cost to create an online shopping app like Shein.

About Shein Shopping App

About Shein Shopping App

Unlike many other hybrid clothing apps, Shein is dedicated to women. However, it offers numerous varieties in the women’s segment too. Earlier Shein was not an eCommerce retailer. In 2014 it acquired Romwe and started providing online shopping services to more than 190 countries globally. Before the Shein app, the company had an eCommerce site and was established in 2008 in China.

Later the company decided to develop a mobile app partnering with Romwe to enhance its business operations. It is selling products in 195 countries these days.  it is doing good business in these countries.

Due to such companies, eCommerce sales are expected to rise to $7391 billion by the end of 2025. The fashion industry will grow incredibly in the future!

Top App Features & Functions on Shein

Top App Features & Functions on Shein

Though it is a mobile app, it needs to have stunning and engaging features. Users keep looking for such features to have a great shopping experience. Here are the top features you find on the Shein app:

1. Shopping Cart

There’s no point in developing an eCommerce app without a cart. The customers are unable to purchase an item at times. However, they want to keep it in a virtual trolley to remember the product for a long time. When they get an ample amount in their pocket, they simply go to their cart and start the purchasing process. They don’t need to find the product again.

2. Search Box

Customers always want to search for something unique on an eCommerce app. They want to search that item faster and that’s why an app like Shein often provides a search box. This search box consists of text and voice search options. Users can use the voice search in case they’re not comfortable writing something. A search box is one of the most frequently used shopping app functions.

3. Payment Gateway

Some products don’t accept the option of cash on delivery. Therefore, customers need to make early payments. As such, adding the feature of a payment gateway becomes crucial. It is an advanced feature that let users make easy online payments through their bank accounts. An app like Shein provides UPI as well as bank transfer options to users.

4. Customer Login

The customers can make an account on such shopping apps and get better discounts and offers. A customer account is giving more benefits over direct purchase and most users make their account for more advantages and convenience. Moreover, companies like Shein also provide easy login facilities nowadays. Users don’t need to fill in their credentials, again and again, to log in.

5. Push Notifications

Push notification is a part of every mobile application except for low-end build-in apps. These notifications can’t be overlooked especially in shopping apps. The customers need to know about the latest offers and discounts on clothes and the latest outfits available on the app database. These notifications can be found on a similar app like Shein. This feature improves customer retention.

6. Chat & Support

The customers can get in touch with the support team to share their problems and issues related to products and purchases. Nowadays, eCommerce apps are using AI chatbots to resolve such problems. However, by adding such features the developers can face extra costs for development. They should make their decision and plan the project budget accordingly.

7. User Reviews & Rating

Such online shopping apps have a separate segment to facilitate customer rating and reviews. Customers can rate an item for up to 5 stars as per their genuine experience. They can also write a review to let the seller know about the drawbacks of his/her product. The rating and review section can be found on a similar app like Shein. It is a mandatory shopping app feature.

Besides, you can add some modern features to your women’s shopping app including- Fastest Delivery, Free Coupons, New Goods Category, Real-Time Order Tracking, Schedule Delivery, etc. The cost of creating an online shopping app like Shein with basic features can be $30,000 to $80,000. But, after adding such advanced features it can rise to $120,000 or even higher!

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an App like Shein

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing an App like Shein

If you have an MVP associated with your fresh fashion app development project, you can save a lot developing it. However, eCommerce applications often have a lot to offer to the users and can’t have a minimum viable product to showcase. To build a Shein like app in India you must control your budget and overall project cost-effectively. For that you have to understand various factors affecting this cost as mentioned below:

1. App Design

An app design represents both its appearance and functions. So, it must be understandable and interactive for the users. Your developers can learn from the apps like Shein in India. They need to thoroughly analyze other apps’ UI and UX design components. They can either use such components fully or partially in their mobile app. But they should change their app appearance for sure.

2. Mobile App Size

Shopping apps like Shein belong to the eCommerce sector and are usually bigger in size. Developing such bigger size apps won’t charge you anywhere below $30,000. Whereas mid and lower-size apps can be created for up to $15,000 at times. A bigger size means the requirement of a better database and it may cost you well at times. Likewise, the cost of app development can fluctuate.

3. App Platform

Now comes the deployment part. Deploying an app on an ideal platform is very crucial for bringing effective ROI. Building an app or website like Shein could also encourage you to select the right platform for deployment. You can also deploy on more than one platform and still cut the cost-effectively with a cross-platform approach. There are 2 major platforms- Google Play and App Store.

4. Development Company

Clothing apps like Shein can’t be created by a single developer. Such app development projects need teamwork. So, you need to find a reliable app development company for your project. The company can charge different sorts of amounts regarding the time taken and efforts invested in the project. We advise you to approach an Indian or other Asian app development company.

Asian app developers provide cheaper services compared to western companies. In this way, you can control your overall project cost to build an app like the Shein app and raise your business presence in the app stores.

Ending Note

Online shopping and fashion apps usually don’t fail to serve the target audience. Fashion and clothing represent different aspects of user needs and wants. Therefore, Shein app or relative online shopping apps can’t lose their significance in the market and eCommerce industry. Build your shopping app today and set up a potential business for your audience!

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