Today internet has become the biggest source of information and knowledge. This information is stored, transferred, and shared through mobile apps, websites, and search engines across the globe. The information is needed for Education, Career Growth, Personal Knowledge, Entertainment, or initiating a Business Project. However, the education sector makes the most use of it. Online education has led to various e learning app development projects.

In 2020 and 2021 novel Coronavirus hit the entire world. Consequently, the global education sector faced lots of challenges running offline classes. As such, e learning apps started gaining more recognition among schools and colleges. Even some work professionals started using these apps while doing work from home. The popularity of e learning app development is wider than you think.

In this article, we’ll take you through a detailed guide representing e learning app creation, its development cost, and essential features that differentiate it from other products on the app stores. Stay with us!

What is an e-Learning App & Its Development Cost ?

E-Leaning apps are created for providing online education to different user categories. So, e-learning apps are divided into various types- Kids (Elementary) Education, Primary & High School Education, Study Material for Graduates and Post Graduates, Apps for Researchers & Teachers, Work Professionals, and more. The e learning app development companies keep updating according to the e learning trend. The apps also target a different group of audiences.

Developers and entrepreneurs are also concerned about the mobile app development cost of such apps. The development cost can vary based on the company’s location. North American and European region has a comparatively higher cost of relative services. North American companies charge $150 per hour whereas South American charge $130 for the same project.

Development costs depend on the process involved in building an e- earning app. The process consists of- Discovery Phase, Project Management, UI/UX Design, Development, DevOps Services, and QA. The Eastern Europe region is comparatively cheaper and companies charge $50 per hour for such projects!

Top Features of an E-Learning Application

Top Features of an E-Learning Application

App features also contribute to the overall development cost. The more advanced app features are the higher they will cost to app owners and investors. Some basic features have no cost and can be deployed quickly. We’ll talk about all such e learning app features in this segment. If you want to build successful e learning applications, you must not miss these features:

1. Sign Up & Login

Both students and teachers can create their profiles on an e-learning app. Some apps also provide a dedicated space for parents to create a profile. By signing up and login users become a member of the app and get various benefits over other users. They also get notified regarding a new course and study materials from time to time. Users may log out easily while not using the app.

2. Course

After logging into their account, users can manage and access their profiles better. They can change their details and information anytime anywhere. They just need a smartphone and an internet connection. Besides, students can access their course segment divided into various Activities, Tests, Quizzes, and Polls. The e learning mobile app development is incomplete without this page.

3. Search Bar

New learners can search for their favourite course along with certification details. For that, they can make use of a built-in search bar that comes with advanced voice search assistance also. Voice search can be expensive at times but helps in improving user engagement and interest in your e-learning application.

4. Payment Gateway

This is an integrated advanced feature that is found in many E-Commerce and non-shopping apps these days. It may contribute notably to your app development cost but it is extremely important for online businesses that need to sell. It could be a learning service as well and e-learning apps charge for it. Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, and Google Pay are the best payment options.

5. Reviews

Parents can post their reviews on behalf of their kids’ learning experience. Even adults learning something online from a relative app can post about their experience. Reviews are essential for both users and app companies. The app company can recall certain drawbacks in its services for business growth and user satisfaction in the future.

6. Progress Dashboard

This can be used by both parents and adult students. They could check their learning progress based on a specific course and work on themselves. Some features of e learning are also available for teachers in this context. The teachers also measure their progress and improve their teaching styles over a period.

7. Student & Test Management

This feature is also essential for teachers who want to manage an online class and conduct online exams. However, such an examination can’t be considered an annual exam. Monthly or mid-term tests can be conducted online. These tests are conducted for students to prepare for the final term exams. Therefore, online platforms are perfect for them.

You may also add more features considering your target audience and their preferences!

How to Develop an E-Learning App?

How to Develop an E-Learning App?

Though many steps and operations are involved in building a successful e-learning app, we’ve got a brief description of the process for you. Your e learning app development process could be more time-consuming and complex but you shouldn’t overlook these essential components:

1. Validate the Plan

Your app development idea must be credible and realistic. You can’t promise the users a hologram-based online learning service if not ready with it. They will quickly switch to other e-learning platforms available on app stores. So, your business idea must have some logic and certainty.

2. Monetization Method

Your education app development plan should lead to a perfect ROI also. Most elearning apps are making money by providing online courses and study material. The study material is available in text, images, and video formats as well. You can monetize your e-learning app through Subscriptions, Donations, and Pay-Per-Course plans.

3. Target Audience

Moving further, you must decide who’s going to be your target audience. Only a few apps sponsor all types of education and such e learning mobile app development projects could be very expensive. You may start with kids’ and toddlers’ education and further approach to high school and colleges.

4. List Down Requirements and Design

You can go for a wireframe if thinking of a complex app design and functionality. A wireframe or prototype would help you make an error-free and potential e-learning app for your target audience. You can list down your project requirements and design on paper and work systematically.

5. Estimate Cost & Go for an MVP

To make a good profit from your first e-learning app, you should analyse and minimize your project cost. Recall the different factors affecting your project cost and introduce an MVP. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) means you’re supposed to add minimalistic features to your app. An education app development company can also recommend you for an MVP.

6. Proper Testing & Support

Before launching the app, your mobile app development company should make sure of security and user testing. It can result in an error-free and high-performance e-learning app. Moreover, you can request post-app launch support and maintenance from the same company in the future.

Wrapping Up

By developing an e-learning app, you can educate people who can’t afford to go to big cities and towns globally. Hence, e learning app development can provide you an opportunity to do social service and earn a good ROI for your business growth as well. You may either hire an app development team or approach a mobile app development agency to get started with your e-learning app business plan. Best of luck!


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