Today, more and more people are exploring online options to find a suitable match for them. People are feeling lonely in the fast-paced world where face-to-face interactions and in-person meetings are becoming vanished. This has laid foundation for the success of some best cross platform apps including dating apps where people find several interesting options to explore new friends and a partner for them.

Bumble is already dazzling with its creative concept and fascinating features to get someone whom you were looking till now. Offering a dating app is no doubt a fruitful idea to generate huge revenues and moreover, give people a mental support where they can share their feelings and emotions to fulfill their desire for love and compassion.

In this blog, we have mentioned a detailed strategy on how to create a dating app like Bumble.

Facts that will Boost your Confidence

Almost 27% of the committed relationships in the world start via internet and over 40 million people in the globe are actively using dating apps and websites. Apart from this, the annual revenue of all dating apps combined is estimated at around 2 billion. Bumble among the most popular dating apps has 12.3 million monthly active users with 1.35 million paid users.

Prepare a detailed MVP

This is the best way to test your dating app idea and analyze its practicality. A MVP will help you to learn the development process in detail and avoid critical drawbacks. Simplicity is the key to success for apps like Bumble that lets its users enjoy magnificent features in a straightforward way. Here are some key features that you must keep in mind.

Authorization and User Profile

Social media integration is something that has made it possible for users to directly sign-up through their social media account without any fuss to login with a separate id and password. Mobile app developers allow your app to use these credentials to create a new account within the application. Another simple way is to allow users to register through their mobile numbers.


Bumble has made efficient use of this technology to find interest-based matches. Your dating app must be able to use users’ locations to see which social spots they visit and based on it, can send notifications to other users to come up with a perfect match.

Matching Algorithm

This feature really sets apart Bumble from any other dating app. Ask your android app development company to let your app compare new user profiles with others that are already in the database and suggest relevant matches. The app must count how many people liked a person’s profile.

The swipe Surge

Bumble and Tinder users can like or dislike a person’s profile with just a left or a right swipe. This feature also increased a user’s match making potential by 250 percent.

Profile Verification

This is something that sets apart Bumble from other dating apps. Bumble allows users to be “verified,” which is different than being verified on Twitter or Instagram. Verification doesn’t mean you are a famous or well-known person; it’s just a way to assure that you are who you say you are.

These were some features which distinguishes apps like Bumble and Tinder from other dating apps. Now let’s focus on some other crucial aspects of dating app development.

UI/UX that Best Reflects your App Objectives

We are living in a digitalized age where people believe what they see and the way it is portrayed to them. An amazing and exceptional UI/UX is a crucial aspect in your dating app’s success. Ask your IoT app developers to come with some unique concepts and designs which can get your app maximum attention.

Choose the Right Business Model

A basic fact is that you will look for maximum revenue generation from your dating app and for this; you need to select an apt business model. You can choose for paid subscriptions, advertisements, and in-app purchases to make good money out of your dating app.

Get an Advanced Tech Stack

Choosing the best technology for your dating app will decide the level of success it will achieve in the coming time. A cross platform app development company must have good command over Amazon web services hosting and databases to match people perfectly.

Programming Language: Java, kotlin and Swift

Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis

Cloud Storage: Amazon S3

Cloud Server: Nginx

Frameworks: Node.js, Express.js, Next.js, React Router

General Utilities: Optimizely, Twilio, Elasticsearch, Google Maps, Google Analytics

Payment Gateways: Stripe and PayPal.

App Development Portfolio

Before hiring a mobile app development company, it will be better to explore their portfolios and look whether they have any dating app in their profile or not. The way your dating app will be developed and will perform on different devices depend much on a development agency. So explore as much options as possible and go for the best in the industry.

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