E-bay has gained much popularity since its evolution and there are umpteen reasons behind it. The way e-commerce apps have intervened in our day-to-day shopping needs is paving way for such magnificent apps where people can avail immense convenience and flexibility in ordering products online. It is estimated that 42% of Smartphone prefer shopping online and are planning to use more of it in the coming year. Thus, if you have a business that involves selling and buying, you must get an app.

Moreover, if we talk about E-bay, it is known for its auctions and consumer-to-consumer sales. The concept was really cherished by users as they got complete freedom to buy second-hand things and that too on affordable prices. Custom iOS app development has already came up with innovative ideas to entertain consumers with such apps that allow users to meet their day-to-day requirements and that too without indulging into any tricky or lengthy processes. This article will throw some light on developing an app like E-bay that will get you maximum revenue by creating a huge user base.

Look for a Forte

Entering a market where giants have already dug their roots deep will not be a feasible decision. A smart company indulges in the market study and analysis before initiating the app development. Find a new market which is having an appropriate demand for a lesser competition where you can create your own space and do your business. You can target a specific country or a specific type of goods.

SWOT Analysis is Proven Way

Before you hire a mobile app developer, it will be better to prepare a detailed framework for what you need in the app and what challenges it could face. You have to be very particular when developing an app like E-bay. Issues like Delivery, Tax Laws, Initial engagement, security challenges, and International competition (like E-bay) and other competitors must be focused well before getting started with the development part. Once, done with this aspect, you can then focus on features of the app.

Features for Buyers

Buyer’s Account:  Allow users to create a separate account if they want to buy products through your app.

Bids Placement: Instill proper features to place simple bids for different products which want to purchase online.

Customized Search: Users must be allowed to filter their search and get straightaway to products which they need.

Product Listing: All the products listed on your app must be well-arranged so that they are easily accessible for users.

Trending Items: Try providing a separate section for latest and trendy items which can gain immediate attraction.

Shopping Cart: Users must be able to add items to their shopping cart in a simple and straightforward way.

Features for Sellers

Seller’s Account: Allow your users to create a seller’s account if they want to sell some product.

Add New Items: Provide proper provisions for adding different products which they wish to sell through your app.

Interactive Dashboard: Create a personalized Dashboard where sellers can display their different categories of products that they want to sell.

Fix or Change the Price: Allow sellers to fix prices for products and allow them to even change prices as per the demand.

Product Images: Allowing sellers to add images of the products which they want to sell will be of great importance for them to sell their products in a better way.

General Features

Maximum Bidding Algorithm: Ask your android app development agency to create an automated bidding strategy that takes the heavy lifting and guesswork out of setting bids to meet performance goals.

Customer Support: A must-have feature for an auction app to offer immediate support for users to resolve any issue.

Push Notifications: Users must be informed actively through push notifications about any latest offer or deal available on the app.

Ratings & Reviews: Allowing users to provide valuable ratings and reviews will help you to improve and develop a robust auction app.

Payment Gateway: Provide an effective and trusted payment gateway like PayPal and Amazon Pay to make swift online payments.

In-App Chat: Allowing your users to chat through your app where sellers can chat with buyers will prove to be a worth option.

Shipping: Shipping option must include the address and place where a buyer wants a deliver for any purchase product.

Development Cost of an Auction App like E-bay

Well, this totally depends on the number of features and functionalities that you want to offer through your android tablet apps. Moreover, depending on the geographical location of the mobile app development company will also play a major role in deciding its cost as the per hour development rate differs from country-to-country. Nations like India and China can be much better option in terms of affordability and in getting technically sound apps.

Developing an auction app will surely prove to be the best business idea. You just need to come up with a well-planned framework and hire the right development agency to get maximum user attention.

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