The Indian gaming industry has evolved impressively in the past decade following the introduction of smartphones. And, as per the latest reports, Indian gaming companies are about to get a gift of more popularity among the future audience. Web 3.0 is arriving soon and is anticipated to transform the entire gaming industry, whether Indian or Global. Industrial experts believe that it is going to change the overall gaming experience of smartphone users.

The concept relates to in-app money-making and savings. That means the users will be rewarded for their in-game assets. Metaverse is also promoting the relative virtual gaming experience to some extent. Not just games but people will be able to buy and sell properties virtually using the metaverse technique. The Web 3.0 gaming facility will compensate users for their gaming assets.

These gaming assets could be their attire, outfits, skin, event passes virtual coins, etc. Now, these assets are about to have some value. So, future mobile gaming would be a lot of fun. Akash Mandhar (Vice President, Studio Engineering, Immutable) is also addressing the implementation of blockchain in Web 3.0 gaming. According to him, “the technology will further improve user experience by providing advanced possessions.”

He stated the same at the IGDC 2022 which took place in Bengaluru. He further added that relative games can face challenges if not regulated properly. The competition is going to increase for them too as people will find many alternatives on the app stores. However, users are spending a lot on in-game purchases and are the best indicators of Web 3.0’s bright future in India. In the words of Dayanidhi MG (CEO nCore Games):

“All gaming organizations are taking a gander in India and the user behavior is changing.”

He further remarked that the quality of some initial Web 3.0 games was not considerable. Many gaming companies in India rushed into the market when they came to know about the Web 3.0 trend. Moreover, AAA games like GTA, Halo, and Assassin’s Creed can take longer to partner with such a business model. Blockchain technology is highly safe and secure for cloud gaming but its overall integration with cloud techniques for high-end gaming is still a dream.

Moving ahead, the nCore Games’ CEO has some positive views on future collaboration between Web 3.0 and AAA games. The future audience will be very excited about such games and will spend more on the in-app elements. The future Web 3.0 games can bring a comparative sort of experience to the users. The users will be more excited to make in-game purchases while playing along with a team. This could bring more players to Web 3.0 games.

Dayanidhi further added that the games need a little more time to accompany high-end AAA games because such games need a long development time. High-Quality PC and console games often take 1-2 years to complete. Apart from that Web 3.0 is surely the future of mobile gaming companies based in India!

Vinay Kumar

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