You might have played many online and offline games on your iPhone or iPad. Even if you have an Android device, you might be having at least 1 or 2 games installed on your device. Mobile games are getting incredible attention among global users and gaming enthusiasts. Mobile games are available in both online and offline categories. If you’re an iPhone user, you must be liking offline games more. You might have known some best offline iPhone games out there.

Offline games are lighter and faster than online games and can be played at a remote location as well. Hence, you may find more demand for such iOS games on the App Store. Besides the best offline iPhone games, you can have online or hybrid games on the App Store. However, for smooth device performance, most people prefer to go with offline games.

iPhone or iPad is not built for heavy online gaming. Though its processor has nothing to do with the installed game, Apple devices don’t deliver an extraordinary battery backup. Hence, offline gaming is the best choice for iPhone lovers. In this post, we’ll review 10 amazing offline games for iPhone and iPad users to play in their free time. Let’s check them out!

10 Popular Offline Games to Play on iPhone or iPad

Roblox, Subway Surfers, and 8 Ball Pool are among the most downloaded games on Apple Store. Where Roblox is an online game, Subway Surfers is available offline and 8 Ball Pool can be played hybrid. Moreover, games making the top revenue in the US for iOS devices are in the Puzzle (21.18%), Casino (18.9%), and Strategy (17.17%) categories. In this segment, we’ll discuss the 10 best offline iPhone games you can play in different categories:

1. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure

The game is entirely offline and comes in the Adventure genre. You can make your game character ski through Andes Mountain and enjoy stunning sound effects on the journey. The game doesn’t have an end so you can enjoy it for hours without charging your device as you can switch off your general data usage. The game has an installation cost of $4.99 on the App Store for new users.

2. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Out next game on the list is also an adventure ride with a touch of a puzzle. Based on the Unity Engine, Monument Valley offers you an interesting girl character named Ro. It is among the best offline iPad games we’d like to suggest on the list. The game comes with ground-breaking visuals and meaningful settings. The game also offers in-app purchases for interested users.

3. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey

This one is a sequel to the famous Alto’s Adventure and comes with even better graphics and sound effects. The game costs the same as Altos’ Adventure on Apple Store. The game consists of fresh characters, music, and locations that would surely grab the attention of old users. Game developers have made a smart move to bring old memories and mix them up with new features.



BADLAND is a very challenging puzzle game that makes your character jump and run through different traps and hurdles. The character is a black ball type of creature that truly attract the user’s attention like anything. It can change its shape, size, and number depending on the level you’re playing. It is among the best iOS offline games but can be played online with a local multiplayer setup.

5. Drop 7

Drop 7

It is a renowned puzzle game among iPhone users. It is a blend of Sudoku and Tetris that makes the gameplay experience even better for users. The players get a grid of 7×7 filled with pure white or number balls. The game becomes so addictive once the users get to know about the relative rules and protocols. The game can be played completely offline and is free to install.

6. Mini Metro

Mini Metro

Mini metro offers a beautiful and colourful interface to the users. It leads to unique offline games download for a great user experience. Mini Metro let the users create their mass transit system that includes various lines connecting various stations. You may use the maps of real-world cities and make the experience so realistic for your gameplay. It also has some puzzles to stick you around.

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

The game was earlier a popular PC franchise and now has started influencing the iPhone and iPad users. The reason why it is one of the best offline iPhone games is that it relaxes your mind very creatively. It comprises a virtual world called Pelican Town, where your character is supposed to take care of his home garden and harvest pumpkins. It takes you away from your stressful life for a while.

8. New York Times Crossword

New York Times Crossword

The traditional Cross Word and Sudoku are here and it is completely offline. It’s pretty nostalgic to download and play such games on iPhones and iPads. Adult and old age audiences using iPhones and iPad usually download such free offline games and that’s why it is a popular choice of many users. Though the app is free to install through App Store, it delivers various options for in-app purchases.

9. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

You can play this game with your friends as well. However, it is offline and runs in an amazing Pass-and-Play mode. You can play this game while outing with your friends on a train journey. The game focuses on transforming you and your folks, railroad barons. You all are supposed to compete to become the first to link a country by train. It provides an offline games free download to users.

10. Civilization VI

Civilization VI

Civilization 6 is a new-age strategy game that hooks up new and old users to a fine gameplay experience that’s completely offline. It is a turn-based game that can involve friends and family at times. The game is not very difficult but takes ample time to complete and maintains the user excitement throughout the gameplay. Hence, it is among the best offline games to play on iPhone or iPad.

Ending Note

You may also find other amazing options available on App Store but we suggest you give these games a fresh try. The best offline iPhone games have many alternatives to switch to. You have your own mobile gaming taste and you should ultimately follow it. For more information, you can visit the App Store anytime. The leading offline games are waiting for you!


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