Every generation keeps fond of mobile and video games once in a lifetime. Everyone must remember at least a few of these childhood games like Mario, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers, and much more. Now mobile video games are like a gateway to the digital era. All the new generations are learning how technology works by first confronting mobile-based video games. One can see the billions of downloads of multiple games on the play store and app store. Sch games are billionaires and millionaires in the tech industry. GTA series, PUBG, Minecraft, and many more such games are just popular nowadays.

There are more than 6 billion smartphone users globally. Its more than two decades, we were transfiguring the usage of mobile phones. No billions of games are available in the gaming industry for entertainment purposes, and even the gaming world fans and enthusiasts organize online tournaments.

There are around 490 thousand mobile games created by mobile game developers available on Google Play Store. Such games are creating a large landscape for the online gaming industry. Several factors are there to consider while creating a gaming mobile application. Current improvements are presenting new aspects of the gaming world online.

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For example, it should meet the present time advancements as per user’s expectations. At the same time, it should put a unique challenge before the gamers, which they seek to accept and complete.

Let’s discuss everything about the gaming world and then analyze the processes and market trends. Then we will study the steps in mobile game development services and the way to monetize the mobile apps for higher revenue and return on investment.

The mobile gaming industry has witnessed a range of different innovations due to technology and innovation. Starting from the game where we used to control a snake using four buttons no we have avatars roaming around. We have an entirely new virtual world with shooting guns, driving cars, and changing clothes. Even cooking food, and much more like arcade, adventurous, puzzle, racing, fighting, and more are available in the gaming mobile apps.

  • Gaming mobile industry share of 77% of the revenue collection of the Google Play Store and  61% of Apple App Store revenue in 2023.
  • During the period every quarter 5 billion games were downloaded every month.
  • Most of the users spend 28.6 billion hours monthly on mobile games.

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Project Lifecycle of Mobile Game Development

Mobile game development services require a significant period during this span, a team works on the project. Creating a successful game is never an easier task, it always takes a range of stoops, UI/UX, and tech stack for successful mobile game applications. The different phases and steps require multiple technical and nontechnical expertise for a better state of the gaming app after its launch. The development process of a gaming mobile app is here:

  1. Market Research & Analysis

A strong decision to create a robust mobile game application comes from deep research and analysis of everything. The latest features, the competitors, and other phases of the development like the expenses in the development come along. So one should gain a complete idea of the development and the entire landscape before choosing a mobile game development for your business.

  1. Planning & Prototyping

Once the research, analysis, and decision making is done, now you can plan the features, functionalities, and technologies that will be used. A blueprint of the mobile app is created in the second phase. A prototype is a rough idea about the app infrastructure and along with this one can go for the complete design of the application for easy further process of the navigational features.

  1. UI/UX Design & Core Development

The prototype is approved and then the team at the mobile game development company starts working on the user interface of the mobile application. Complete success and revenue are based on the number of active users and downloads. The number of downloads is dependent on the user experience the mobile game will deliver. The user experience comes from an amazing user interface and robust development techniques.

  1. Testing and Debugging

There is a phase after the development where the entire application is tested out for the features, functionalities, and other perspectives like the user experience it will deliver. There are many different methods employed for A/B testing for the successful deployment of the application. A numberSeveralike unit testing, component testing, integration testing, performance testing, end-to-end testing, regression testing, sanity testing, system testing, graphics testing, and much more are important parts of testing specifically in mobile game development.

  1. Deployment and After Support

All the bug fixation, updates, and modifications make the game ready for deployment over the tentative app purchase platform, one can create a hybrid gaming app for the play store and app store or it can also go for the cross-platform. On the other hand, a better option in the case of mobile game development is native app development for Android and iOS because the gaming apps ask for a better state of functionality and accessibility from the device.

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Monetization Strategies for Mobile Gaming Apps

While creating a mobile game, you have done a great investment. So you can employ a great monetization model to earn great revenue online. Developing a mobile app, you do not need to worry about the source of income. There are plenty of monetization models in the market that are based on different strategies asking for user interest. Here we are listing the top monetization models to generate monetization model:

  1. In-App Purchases
  2. Advertising Model
  3. Freemium Model
  4. Subscription
  5. Meta Layer Monetization
  6. Data Monetization

Even you can deploy two or more monetization models together in a single application. For example, the paid app, the subscription, and the in-app purchase can be implied on a single mobile game application for better revenue generation with an even amount of money.


Having a good number of active users over the gaming app needs you to keep updating the interface and graphics of the mobile app. For this, you need a team of mobile game developers and designers to keep changing the mobile game appearance regularly. Hiring a mobile game development company helps you with the most successful mobile game development and its popularity.


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