Creating Android and cross-platform apps is very common among app development companies. There’s more demand for such apps in the market. That’s why the developers keep looking for various tools, frameworks, and libraries which could help them build exceptional Android and cross-platform apps for their clients or business. Likewise, the React js framework has become popular among such developers and development companies.

React is considered the best library for JavaScript developers who want to contribute to a cross-platform or Android app building project. JavaScript is also the most used programming language by Android app developers. The Reactjs framework is highly compatible with JavaScript and therefore has acquired a great demand among Android developers.

Through this article, you’ll get to explore 12 famous libraries associated to React and how they can help you build a potential Android or cross-platform application for your target audience. You may also suggest these libraries to the app development company you’ve hired for your project!

What is ReactJS?

React JS or React is a free and open-source library that’s used by front-end JavaScript developers to build compelling cross-platform and native Android apps. It is mainly used to create the high-quality UI design for mobile and web applications. UI stands for user interface and is an important aspect of mobile app development. So, the Reactjs framework is used to build a good app UI and contributes to improving user engagement and participation.

The library is also available on React Native framework that’s used to build cross-platform apps. Libraries are various functions using which the developers can create a mobile app. They use these libraries to add some unique features to their app and enhance the relative UI. Reactjs is free to use and open-source which makes it very flexible to use over various devices or platforms.

In the approaching segment, we’ll talk about the top react libraries you need to use in 2022 and improve your app UI!

Top 12 React Libraries & Frameworks You Can Prefer in 2022

Now let’s talk about the different libraries or Reactjs components you can use while building your mobile app. These libraries will guide you throughout your app-building project and let you deploy the right functions on your mobile app. Libraries are associated with various components that influence the app development process. React framework encourages the developers to be more creative and transform their ideas into reality.

Reactjs keep updating over time. It comes with better and advanced features to let app developers show their creativity like never before. Here are 12 Notable React libraries and frameworks you must revise in 2022:

1. Rebass


If you’re looking to develop a stable UI for your mobile app, Rebass is the best option to go with. It works on user-defined design constraints that could bring more relativity and interest. Most developers prefer it for quick design and development requirements. It also encourages minimal design optimization.

2. Redux


Redux is open to other React-like frameworks. It offers a state management solution to associated users and developers. The library is integrated with Reactjs and is used to connect multiple app components toward a whole state. Further, the developers don’t feel a requirement of using call-backs.

3. React Admin

React Admin

Some react technologies are supposed to serve client demand for B2B admin apps. Every app company searches for good admin support to control their product properly. The developers customize the admin panel for providing a great experience to clients. They make use of REST/GraphQL APIs to do so.

4. Ant Design

Ant Design

This component library is huge and has gone so many commands and functions in it. It is a combined building framework based on NPM, DVA, Dora, and Webpack. It lets the developers go for hassle-free integration and provides ES6 support as well. Generally, it is used to deploy the main UI components of the app.

5. Create React App

Create React App

With Create React App, you can easily build a mobile app without having a development configuration. You may have your own app development standard and Create React App simply encourage that. This React component library can support the developers in initiating their projects effectively.

6. Material UI

Material UI

Material UI is one of the most famous UI packages out there. It has got more than 66K stars on GitHub. It has a user-friendly design and developers call it attractive, light-weight, and simple to use. The library is getting updated timely since its establishment. It is used for preparing material designs.

7. React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap

It is also a UI kit used to formulate various app design solutions. This Reactjs framework is specially dedicated to front-end development and is very easily available to users. The developers get the support of built-in bootstrap themes that could enhance the overall appearance of the target mobile app.

8. React Spinner

React Spinner

This one is a unique react js library that leads to user engagement and a low bounce rate. It is related to an app loading spinner feature that retains user attention until a web or app page is opened. The library consists of over 20 app loaders to facilitate the app users. Good user experience raises user retention.

9. Grommet


Grommet is also a popular react native UI library used to promote mobile-first and responsive web design. It consequently improves the app accessibility over various devices and app OS. It works on the atomic design approach as well. It also offers different types of SVG icons and is a great tool for building web apps.

10. Blue Print

Blue Print 

Blueprint is used to build complicated UIs for mobile apps. The demand for such a library arises among bigger corporate projects. The developers may represent some icons from the component library and select a particular time zone and interact with the relative time and date while creating a mobile app.

11. Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React

It is a plugin based on Semantic UI. It comes with more than 50 components and therefore is considered one of the best react component library. The library consists of- A Declarative API, Augmentation, Shorthand Props, Auto Controlled State, Progress Bars, Transitions, and many Sub-Components.

12. React DnD

React DnD

As the name suggests, the library consists of various components promoting a drag-and-drop interface development. The developers often need such functions to make changes to their app UI components quickly. They don’t need to do any coding to change the place of a particular app UI element.

Closing Words

Besides, there are many other library components to approach like- React Virtualized, React Fabric, React Intl, React-Motion, Desktop, Evergreen UI, and more. To choose the right Reactjs framework for your app development project, you must have JavaScript app development experience. Or else, you can explore various trusted and potential app development companies out there. So, what’s your motive behind developing a ReactJS app?

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