Smartphones have inspired many app companies to come forward with a visionary business plan in the last decade. On-demand app companies are also a part of the list. These mobile apps provide various on-demand services to the users and are popular across different mobile and web app stores. Taxi App Development Companies have a huge share in the on-demand service market. Uber is a fine example to review in this case.

Uber has inspired many local on-demand taxi booking service providers to collaborate with the corresponding mobile app companies in different countries. Uber is also a famous Taxi & Cab Booking app in more than 65 countries worldwide. Taxi App Development Companies are required to evaluate the user demand in a particular country, state, or region where people want to travel safely and economically.

Therefore, the associated App Development Companies need to make sure on the right features and functions of the mobile app. These features can either bring higher user traffic and engagement or lower the traffic and user engagement on the mobile app. These features help both cab drivers and passengers track one another easily before initiating the ride. Moreover, the app companies are also required to offer various riding options as per the passenger budget.

In this article, we’d to cover various taxi app features that modern as well as experienced app developers are not allowed to overlook. We’d also highlight the difference between passenger app and driver app in this context.

Why Taxi App Development Companies Create 2 Versions?

That’s right! There are 2 different versions of such on-demand traveling mobile apps. One is for passengers; another is for cab drivers. Though some apps provide for both drivers and customers together as well, the performance of such mobile apps comes out to be comparatively lower at times. However, there are certain features that Taxi App development Companies have to equally distribute among both passenger app and driver app.

Before discussing those similar features, let’s differentiate between the passenger app and the driver app. These differences often help App Development Companies to add corresponding updates for both mobile app versions from time to time.

Passenger App

It is a customer-centric app that lets users book their local as well as statewide rides along with some offers and amenities from the company. After signing up, the customers can book a specific taxi as per their convenience in the private and sharing categories as well. They can also choose the size and space of the vehicle depending on the number of passengers they’re paying for.

The passengers can also track the corresponding driver location and their ride until reaching the destination.

Driver App

On the other hand, is the driver app version. The drivers get to navigate the exact location of the customer fixing a ride. They first need to pick up the passenger, confirm the ride and then start tracking the destination until reaching out. The driver’s mobile app is more focused on customer satisfaction. Besides, the driver can also reject a passenger booking in case of an emergency or a long distance from the passenger’s location.

These apps provide the drivers with features like- Ride History, Driver Rating, Earning & Riding Record, etc.

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5 App Features That Taxi App Development Companies Shouldn’t Miss

Mobile app development is crucial for both customers and services providers. The Taxi Apps let customers interact with the drivers and in this way the business deal is finalized. Hence, Taxi App Development Companies must focus on the mentioned below 5 app features, whether serving the driver or the passenger market:

1. Geolocation

Without a navigation map, there’s no point in creating such Taxi Apps these days. Even 2-wheeler on-demand traveling services are using the geolocation feature to guide both the customer and rider about the live location of the passenger. The passenger’s live location is the initial step to execute a taxi ride in the nearby locality. Therefore, the development companies are not allowed to miss out on this essential feature.

2. Vehicle Classification

The type of vehicle depends on the business model of the Taxi App. Some App Development Companies are also featuring 2-wheeler service along with the cab service usually in the Asian and middle east region. However, the passengers also get to choose among various classes of 4 wheelers as well. The passenger cars may vary from Mini Rides to Luxury Rides. In this way, the passengers can save on unnecessary expenses easily.

3. Types of Rides

The next essential feature to review in this context is the classification of rides. If the passenger is in hurry and needs to visit a specific location faster than usual, the passenger may select a single/personal ride. On the other hand, the passenger can also go for a shared ride and save money, in case not in a hurry. Moreover, they could select specific vehicles as per the time constraint present sometimes.

4. Dropping Location

Both driver and passenger must have access to a particular dropping location. The dropping location must also support the integrated navigation map. It often becomes a challenge for Taxi App Development Companies to fulfill the demand of rural customers who need to reach a remote location. Therefore, app developers are usually devoted to urban Taxi App projects. Hopefully, the problem could get resolved in the future with satellite internet service.

5. Ride Confirmation & Cancellation

These features majorly facilitate the driver mobile app. However, the customers also get options to confirm or cancel a particular ride these days. They often cancel in case the driver delays reaching the target location. The passenger could be in a hurry at times and the service provider need to understand that. Untrained and unprofessional drivers often get late to meet the passenger at the pick-up point.

Final Words

Apart from these, the Taxi App Development Companies must provide active Chatting, Calling, Communication & Payment facilities to both the driver and passenger. You can approach Appikr’s effective Taxi App Development services along with the latest offers and facilities available. We’re a reputed mobile app development company in the UAE, UK, USA, and India!

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