Transferring files securely and privately from one device to another device is the most important concern of smartphone users. The way smartphone activities and trends of changing smartphone devices are growing file transfer becoming the first and foremost priority of mobile owners. The emergence of File sharing apps in the app market resolves this issue of sharing files for a long duration through Emails and social media. People can now share big files like high-resolution images, audio, videos, PDFs, Apps and games easily with this type of app within a short time.

Zapya is such type of app that offers to share multiple types of big files from one mobile to another mobile within a blink. Even it can work without internet support by utilizing Bluetooth pairing. Hence, if you want to develop file sharing app like zapya and earn profit through the app, you need to know how to build an app like zapya.

What is Zapya and how it helps in file sharing?

Zapya allows its users to transfer any format of massive files to different kinds of devices like smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets seamlessly without using mobile data. The process is going through the peer-to-peer file-sharing method. The condition is file sharer and receiver both need to install zapya app on their devices. With this app, they can share a file from mobile to computer and vice versa fluently. This transfer is 40 times faster than the Bluetooth transfer which is the most outstanding feature of zapya.

If you want to build an app like zapya, you need to know how it maintains its workflow. It leverages Wi-Fi tethering or hotspot feature to create a connection between two devices bypassing the usage of mobile data. It transfers data at the rate of 10 MB/sec or 260 images within a minute. This promptness and seamless transfer make it a great choice for 600 million users.

Why does an app like zapya get popular?

As you want to develop file sharing app in this cut-throat app market, you need to create something unique that helps you to achieve popularity. Hence, we are evaluating the reasons why a cross-platform file-sharing app like zapya gets so much popularity.

  • The simple and fast file transfer
  • Multilingual
  • File transfer by using QR-code
  • Safe, secure file transfer with privacy
  • Connect devices by simply shaking
  • File transfer through multi-peer connectivity
  • Transfer the file with the backup
  • No requirement for LAN, WAN, or Hotspot for sharing file
  • In-build media player

Must-have features of File sharing app like zapya:

Creating features and functionalities is the most important part of the development of File sharing apps like zapya. If you want to develop file sharing app like Zapya, you need to hire a leading Mobile App Development Company to build this app. The significant features of an app like Zapya are as follows.

Fast File Upload

This feature allows users to upload and transfer different formats of documents within multiple devices. Users can use a tag to differentiate files for an easy transfer and retrieval process.

Managing File

This option helps in storing encrypted files in the device’s storage or in a Cloud server that lets the users to import and export data seamlessly.

Easy Search

The users can easily search files by name from the search bar of the app by using filters like date, size and more.

Sharing Location

With the help of this option, the users can search for the location of the other devices within the premises. Additionally, users can control transferring data as well as device access permission.

Offline Activity

This is the most important feature of an app like zapya as it facilitates the access of sharing files from the cloud or app storage in offline mode. So, there is no need to of consuming mobile data.

Push Notifications

Sending notifications through text messages about app updates, file upload, sending and receiving data, interruption, completing transfers and more can be easy with this innovative option. This is a costly feature and can increase the cost to develop file sharing app. But, it is very useful for engaging users in the app.

Scheduled Sharing

User can schedule their file transferring time and the file will be shared at the predefined time and day automatically with the receivers seamlessly. This feature is very helpful for business and educational users as it allows them to continue the work process automatically and efficiently.

In-built media Player

To support all formats of media playing the app should have an in-built media player so that the users don’t need to install a third-party app to play shared audio and video files of the app.

Important Tech-stack to develop file sharing app:

Technological stack has a great impact on the cost to develop file sharing app and you need to know the right tech stack to craft an app like zapya cost-effectively. Here is the important tech stack for zapya like app development.

Programming Language- Java, Swift, Objective-C

Framework- React or Flutter

Backend technology- Python

Cloud Storage- Google cloud, Apple Cloud

Database- jQuery, MySQL

Estimated cost to develop file sharing app:

The cost to develop file sharing app lies upon many factors. If you go to a reputed Mobile App Development company forgetting the estimated cost of developing an app like zapya, it’ll give you around $25,000 to $55,000.budget considering a few important factors. The factors that have a great impact on developing app like zapya are the complexity of the project, features and functionalities, number of app platforms, UI/UX design and developers’ hourly cost based on their geographical location. This is an average estimation of the cost to develop file sharing app. However, the actual cost can be estimated only after proper consultation about the project.


The detailed discussion about an app like zapya and its feature, functionalities and average cost to develop file sharing app will help you to plan properly for zapya like app development. When you will decide to develop file sharing app for your business, hire a top-rated App Development Company that has prior experience in developing a high-quality and profitable app like zapya cost-effectively.

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