Do you want to develop an E-Commerce app? Then you’re not late and have various opportunities awaiting your business model. However, you can find some new challenges to growing your E-Commerce business in the future. You simply need a compelling online shopping app for your business. But the e commerce app development cost can prove to be the leading challenge in your way.

E-Commerce apps are a pool of features and functionalities. Their mobile app structure consists of hundreds of components essential for a decent user experience. Consequently, the E-Commerce app development cost increases over a period.

Through this post, we want to explain the E-Commerce mobile app development cost. We’ll also explain how this cost fluctuates nowadays and the various factors behind that.

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Why do Businesses Need an E-Commerce App?

Why do Businesses Need an E Commerce App

First, let’s discuss why a mobile application is essential for your eCommerce business. By building an eCommerce app you can bring better opportunities for your business growth and get more customer attention. But, how does that happen? Earlier, people required a browser to access such websites. So, they used to face various difficulties ordering goods and products from such websites. Consequently, E-Commerce App Development was introduced.

The concept transformed the online shopping trend forever. Today, various eCommerce app companies have emerged across the world and providing their services even in remote locations. Here’s why businesses need such applications:

1. Better UX

The UX design of a mobile app is way better than a website. It promotes more user participation. UX consists of various app design elements that encourage user actions. For Example- Interaction Design, Usability, Visuals, Information Architecture, Buttons (CTAs), Forms, Login/Signup, etc.

2. Notifications

Websites don’t offer push notifications to users like a mobile app. As long as the user doesn’t refresh or open the website, he’s not able to see the latest notifications out there. Online Shopping App Development also lets users switch off their mobile app notifications in case don’t require them.

3. Enhanced Visibility

Getting an eCommerce app is also essential for better visibility of your business. When people get to know about your eCommerce app for the first time, they hesitate to switch from other applications. However, mobile a mobile application makes it easy for them to review your top services and offers easily and quickly.

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4. Better Analysis

The developers or app companies can analyze their performance by simply accessing their app analytics data. An E-Commerce App development services provides a good app analytics feature for client convenience. Moreover, you can use 3rd party platforms or websites for your app analytics.

5. Higher Conversion Rate

As discussed earlier, having an enhanced UX design, mobile apps get more user traffic and engagement as compared to websites. Consequently, the conversion rate of a mobile application increases effectively. It doesn’t mean websites can’t bring any conversions but mobile apps often do it faster.

Types of E-Commerce Application

Remember that E-Commerce is itself an industry that consists of various types of businesses. Therefore, e commerce app development cost differs from one app to another. Different E-Commerce apps  features and therefore have unique app development and maintenance costs. Enlisted are the main E-Commerce app categories to review and get an idea for your personal development project:

1. B2B Apps

Business to Business Apps has nothing to do with end customers. It is like one company selling products to another company. Suppose, you have a B2B furniture application. Your customers will be large corporations or small businesses that demand commercial furniture. There are millions of companies and workspaces that require such furniture worldwide.

2. B2C Apps

These are the most common eCommerce apps used in the industry. The apps provide products to end customers and no other companies. Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are the best examples to review in this context. B2C means Business to Customers and there’s no other service provider in between. There are just delivery boys employed by such E-Commerce companies.

3. C2C Apps

These are also a type of E-Commerce app used to buy and sell used goods. There’s no company involved and a customer sells his good to another customer. Hence, it is called a Customer to Customer (C2C) business model. Such eCommerce apps can be used to promote personal goods and products. People often sell their vehicles using these applications so easily.

B2B and B2C apps are created along with so many features to facilitate as many sales as possible. That’s why such app development projects are way costlier than the C2C app-building cost!

What’s the Average Cost of E-Commerce App Development ?

By following all the above-mentioned factors and eCommerce app features, you can estimate your project cost quite easily. You simply have to start a project along with a developers’ team and you may get to know various aspects affecting your project cost. So, every project cost differs from another to a slighter extent.

According to the research of GoodFirms, the average development cost of a simple app can be between $38,000 to $91,000. Moving further are medium-level apps that cost $55,000 to $121,000. On the other hand, comes complex E-Commerce apps that are often above $90000 to be built. The eCommerce app development cost can further vary depending on the business niche!

Classification of E-Commerce App Development Cost

E-Commerce App Development Cost: Classification

The cost of relative app development projects can be classified into various operations. App development can’t be accomplished in one day. It takes several weeks or months for developers to introduce a product in the app market. App development is a process and the process requires some cost. Likewise, the cost can be classified into various app development steps as explained below:

1. Cost of  Wireframing

Wireframing and prototyping are one of the very initial steps of an app-building process. When clients and developers agree on starting a corresponding project, it gives birth to wireframing. It is generally a pre-mature model of the entire mobile app to be built in the future. Developers conduct their operations according to the wireframe. Building an advanced wireframe may cost somewhere between $500 to $2500.

2. Development Cost

An E-Commerce mobile App development Company has to perform various frontend and backend development operations to build a compelling product. Competition is increasing in the eCommerce field and your app development outcome must have the potential to overcome competition. So, you need to do some good business investment for that. To develop a simple eCommerce app, you may invest $10k to $30K on your project. The cost may vary on advanced features.

3. Designing Cost

Designing operations take place along with the development. The operations consist of UI/UX elements to be deployed for better performance. A normal app design operation may require $2000 to $2500 amount and even rise in the future after the app launch. The developers need to add more functionalities after the app launch as per user demands and preferences that keep changing.

4. Testing & Launch

After the design and development phase comes to the app testing phase. Without conducting a dedicated test, the app developers can’t proceed with deployment. Or else, the users may face errors and mistakes in the future. It often leads to negative reviews and a poor reputation for an eCommerce company. The testing and deployment may also cost $1000 to $20,000 for your project.

Closing Words

Besides, E-Commerce App Development costs depend on various factors like- Target Platform, Location of Developer, App Features, Design, and Maintenance. You can reach out to a trusted mobile app development company and get detailed advice regarding your eCommerce business.

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