Unquestionably, mobile applications have facilitated people’s access to sensible travel options. For instance, on-demand taxi services like Yandex, Uber, Lyft, Curb, and Hailo have grown highly popular due to their distinctive approach to offering valuable and flexible cab-hailing alternatives.

Yandex is a great taxi app that stands out for its creative application of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide users with access to cabs at their fingertips and make life as simple as possible. Yandex, a taxi app introduced in 2011 in Moscow, joined Uber in 2018. Yandex is a well-known brand worldwide and offers food and taxi delivery services.

The following facts are presented in depth and in technical detail in this essay to assist you in beginning the process of upending the ridesharing market:

What is Yandex Go?

Technical Specifications of App Like Yandex

Yandex manages its cab services under Yango, which has more than 36 million users worldwide. The app, used in over 15 countries, has outstanding functionality and enables consumers to get speedy cabs. The software includes machine learning-based order distribution technologies, routing, mapping, and navigational technology.

Using the Yandex Go app, you can order food from eateries, mail items across town, and hail transportation. You may request delivery or arrange transport with only one tap, and you can see your driver’s location in real-time. You won’t ever again have to cope with a parking problem or call center.

Let’s now discuss some distinctive qualities and skills that have helped it become the most widely used taxi app worldwide, not only in Europe.

How Does the Yandex App Works?

Yandex provides a variety of applications to its drivers and consumers. Both apps highly depend on the robust backend app, which works basically as an admin panel with two frontends. Given the enormous volume it encounters, the app might function with a robust admin panel.

The backend of an application

The backend keeps everything together by acting as the app’s server and admin panel. Since here is where the requests for the necessary data are sent from the driver and passenger applications, a dependable backend is essential.

Through tracking the online interface, the backend also manages driving procedures and client satisfaction. Managing and monitoring items like drivers, passengers, payments, and locations are now available.

To create an app like Yandex, your admin panel has to include high-level functionalities.

  • Proof of the driver, vehicle, and insurance
  • Observing and controlling drivers
  • Confirming nearby and available drivers

Features to add in an app like Yandex

Consumers App

 The user-focused app; was created to make the ridesharing experience simple

  • Book Taxi
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Location
  • Vehicle Category
  • In-app Chat
  • Booking Options
  • Notifications
  • Live Tracking
  • History
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Payment Integration
  • Ratings and Feedback
  • Push Notification

Driver App

The driver-centric app makes the secure ridesharing app process simple and quick.

  • Registration
  • User Profile
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Trip Details
  • Track Payments
  • Accept/Reject Rides
  • Route Navigation
  • Ride History
  • In-app Chat
  • Payment History
  • Option to Call

Admin Panel

  • Driver Management 
  • Customer Management
  • Payment Management
  • Report
  • Transaction manager
  • Wallet Manager
  • Data Management

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Technical Specifications of App Like Yandex

Locating, Directing, and Routing

The geolocation and routing servers are the backbone of an app like Yandex.

Any ride-hailing app, including Yandex, should have this as its primary and most important feature. Many company owners in the transportation industry are concerned about how heavily GPS technology is used in taxi booking software. It hides the complex methodology and procedure utilized to determine the correct route and distance.

Integration of e-Wallets and Online Payments

The second crucial component you must take into account if you want to create your own Yandex-like app is a safe and practical payment method. Apps like Yandex employ a pricing calculator to accurately anticipate costs inside the app when displaying the cost of the trip to passengers. This price calculator may analyze a variety of parameters.

The base price, the cost per minute, the safe ride fee, the cost per mile, as well, as other variables all affect how much a fare will cost.

Sign Up and Log In

When developing a Yandex-like app, user profiles and client registration are the two most crucial elements that aid in user base tracking when building an on-demand taxi app. Customers registering using social networking sites or email would be quicker and simpler. You may also request to have their phone number included.

Yandex notifies users of new deals, discounts, and affordable travel packages via two different push notification mechanisms.

Utilizing Firebase Cloud Messaging, a similar-to-Yandex Android app was created (FCM).

Easy Ride Cancellation

Usability is the key to an app’s success. For a geolocation-based app, easy cancellation turns out to be the icing on the cake.

An app like Yandex allows passengers to cancel a ride hassle-free. It aims to stop customers from wasting time and money by delaying or canceling a scheduled ride.

Cost to Develop Yandex Clone App

The complexity of features, the size of the team employed for your project, and the tech stacks they use are all elements that influence the development cost in addition to the taxi app development industry in the UAE. As a result, you must put up a detailed project requirement document that describes in detail the services your taxi app will offer and how they will be delivered.

To give you a rough estimate, creating a Yandex-style taxi app would cost between $40,000 and $50,000, and the cost may rise to between $60,000 and $80,000 if you decide to incorporate complex features.

Client-winning Stack to Revamp the Development of Yandex-like Apps

Tech Stack for Backend Development

  • Runtime Node.js
  • Language Typescript
  • Web application framework Express
  • Tests Mocha, Chai, Supertest
  • Database (addressing data) MySQL
  • Database (user’s data) DynamoDB
  • IaC (Infrastructure as a code) Terraform

Tech Stack for iOS App Development

  • Language Swift 5.1
  • Analytics Firebase
  • Push notifications Firebase
  • Crash reporting Firebase Crashlytics
  • Networking Moya
  • Maps MapBox
  • Local map server GCDWebServer
  • Continuous Integration Bitrise
  • Architecture MVP+Coordinators Flow
  • Unit Tests Quick, Nimble, Snapshot Testing,
  • Security Keychain, CocoapodsKeys
  • LayoutSDK SnapKit Native

Tech Stack for Android App Development

  • Language Kotlin
  • Analytics Firebase
  • Push notifications Firebase
  • Crash reporting Firebase Crashlytics
  • Networking OkHttp + Retrofit
  • Maps MapBox
  • Database Toolkit GRDB Room
  • Local map server Mock Web Server
  • Continuous Integration Bitrise
  • Architecture MVI + Inflation-inject
  • Unit Tests Sourcery KoTest, JUnit, AndroidXTest
  • Security Encrypted Shared Preferences
  • LayoutSDK ConstraintLayout
Closing Words

There is still potential for new rivals to develop, even if market leaders in the cab/taxi booking sector like Uber and Yandex are well established and continue to make significant investments in worldwide expansion. By choosing a niche and concentrating on a particular value offer, they may develop a solid monetization strategy. You now understand each step necessary to build a Yandex-like app. Nothing needs to be done in advance, and if you run into trouble, feel free to get in touch with the best taxi app development company. Create an app that is successful straight away, like Yandex.

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