The internet has improved the level of education worldwide. It has the power to explain concepts more creatively and could be accessed anytime anywhere. The upcoming satellite internet technology is supposed to target highly remote locations across the world. For App Development companies it’s a great opportunity to aid the education system in these remote locations. However, app companies may undergo some cost challenges for building education apps.

These apps have acquired more user demand in the last 2 years following the novel Coronavirus spread. The App Development companies are introducing innovative solutions for learners and students living anywhere in the world. Many of them are unable to attend their schools and colleges in the current period. These Education Apps offer them certificates, diplomas, and even degrees for doing a specific course online.

The apps also conduct online exams to evaluate the theoretical knowledge of students before offering a certificate. The students may also attend personal mock tests before giving the final exams. All these features make education-based apps a good option to install through app stores. Even work professionals install such apps on their smartphones to improve their skills and professional portfolio.

In this article, we’ve included the various factors affecting the Cost of App Development for an education-based business model. If your online business is also related to the education sector, this is quite a crucial topic for you!

What do People Expect from an Education App?

Education-based mobile apps are expected to fulfill different user requirements. App Development firms need to make sure of detailed information about the business prerequisites in advance. The developers can also make changes to the app features and functions in the future. The education sector keeps changing over time. Therefore, the developers must update on user tastes and preferences.

Besides the basic features, the audience is looking for advanced features that could help them learn faster. As such, developers are focusing on innovative Education App content that includes better user experience components. Here are the top things the users expect from education-based apps:

  • Syllabus for different courses
  • Notifications about new study material added
  • Private Messaging
  • Course Activities
  • Material created by experienced teachers
  • Easy accessibility
  • Visual and video-based content for better learning
  • Updated or newly published study material

You also need to make sure of your target audience. That’s how you can evaluate the right Cost of App Development in this context. These apps can bring higher user traffic as everyone is related to some form of elementary, high level, and skill-based education. Appikr is also concerned about the global education index and is planning to support different remote areas lacking proper education worldwide.

At Appikr, we have created many online learning apps for helping different categories of students out there!

Factors Influencing the Cost of App Development for Education

Every App Development project has got a cost. That’s why both, the developer and the app owner are concerned about the performance and ROI generated by the app in the future. The App Development Cost of an education-centric project mainly consists of the content deployed. This content is extremely crucial for some students who prepare for an exam. Hence, most of these apps demand subscription and downloading charges for study material.

If you want to earn through your Education App you can follow such a business strategy. But, make sure that your study material is not very expensive. Or else, you may end up lowering down considerable traffic on your app. Here are some leading factors influencing the cost of an education-based app-building project:

1. Platform for Launch

This factor applies to all other types of mobile app niches including education. These platforms are online app stores related to various operating systems. So, you’ve got Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store, and other platforms to deploy your mobile app. The application stores imply some service charges for letting the developers deploy their mobile apps and maintain them for a long period.

The developers must ensure if they’re creating a native or a hybrid app. Both these categories have their charges related to the deployment.

2. Technology Used

This would also depend on the type of app; the developers are required to create. The technology needed for creating a Cross-Platform app may differ a lot from a Native App. Consequently, the charges are different. Some technologies are subject to a futuristic approach. It means they’re more costly but won’t let your Education App fail in the future. You’ll be able to use those technologies for a long time.

3. Third-Party Integration

These integration solutions keep your mobile app up to the mark. You need to be updated on the existing trend and user preferences. They would surely prefer an AR-VR-based mobile app over an ordinary app to enhance their learning experience. There are many other App Development solutions related to 3-Party Integration techniques like- Bluetooth Integration, GPS Integration, Beacon Integration, Custom API Integration, and Payment Gateway, etc.

3. Gamification

Gamification can increase the existing user engagement level and promote more participation for effective learning. The concept simply relates to the quizzes and exams the app owners may conduct online to help students check their proficiency in the subject. The exam could be related to any sort of subject and the teachers may also use the app feature to conduct personal tests and examinations.

4. Study Material

This is something that adds an extra cost of development for an education-based app-building project. The study material can vary among different subjects and the user’s age. The developers have to approach the app owners before adding a particular study material. They can also decide on the type of content and presentation style of the study material further.

Apart from these, the app owners may also need to spend on App Analytics & Report, Custom App Functions, Online Streaming Capability, Live Presentation Features, Cloud Storage, and more!

Closing Thought

The App Development operations are mainly associated with the company objectives. Therefore, you must decide on one objective to accomplish before introducing another. Whether it’s an education app or a taxi booking app, you can contact Appikr’s skilled mobile app development experts anytime. We’re happy to help you with your app-building objectives.

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