Music streaming apps are gaining much popularity these days and are good source to generate huge revenue. The increased profit margin which they bring for the owners have surpassed the number of sales of the music tracks on physical media. Streaming revenues cover about 45% of all digital sales. Another surprising fact is that audio streams consumption in US has increased by 95% in the year 2020-21.

A music app is the most convenient way through which music lovers can access their favourite music online. The streaming model of content distribution also remains a crucial factor in its success. In this segment, we will discuss some crucial aspects which an android app development company can use to develop an similar music app like Spotify.

Monetization Strategy

A music streaming app opens a world of opportunities for monetizing it but the two most common and effective strategies are:

Subscriptions: You can offer two different versions of the app for different users. First is the free version and the other with premium version who subscribe for it. Subscription offers a great way for revenue generation.

Advertisements: The music or audio streaming apps are one of the most prominent in the app stores, thus they provide higher user retention rates and this attracts a lot of advertisers. Advertising is an effective tool to earn maximum profit from your music app.

 Licensing Requirement

This is one of the crucial factors of android app development for a music app like Spotify. It is vital before the development of a music streaming app to consider the laws applicable to offer music to the users. Like, for each of the music stream, the app owner would require compensating their legal owners. Not following licensing will end up being in legal trouble as the owner would certainly face copyright penalties.

General Features (User Panel)

  • Register with Social Media or eMail
  • Create a User profile
  • Search & filter music style, album, artist, track name
  • Search covers, music artists, albums & songs
  • Listen radio streaming
  • Add tracks on the personalized playlist
  • Counter plays tracks
  • Connect with smart speakers
  • Background remote control
  • Download audio tracks and listen offline
  • Like & Share track and share on social media networks
  • Create Private and public playlists
  • Background music play
  • Lockscreen info (artist, track, cover)
  • In-app purchases(remove ad), add a playlist, access to offline music

General features for Admin Panel

  • Provide secure login to the admin dashboard
  • Allow users to manage and upload tracks
  • Create playlists based on artists, category, etc.
  • Pre- listen track
  • Manage Users, music artists
  • Publication of the track in one click
  • Manage/Edit/Add track, album, style, artist
  • Run advertising/promotions/discounts/offers
  • Manage subscriptions & memberships

Some Advanced Features

Social Media Sign-up

This has become the most rejoiced trend for signing-up where users can easily login or signup into android tablet apps or in your music app without having to fill in the details while signing up, as well as each time they open the app to listen to the music.

User Profile

After registering themselves, users must be allowed to create a profile that allows them manage and update their playlist. Offer them a suitable platform where they can share tracks and upload their own songs.

Search for Music Tracks

iOS app developers can allow the users to search and sort the music on basis of different artists, genres, years, and more. It allows users to navigate through the app easily and get their favourite songs and music based on different requirements.

Share Music

The app can allow its users to follow other musicians, bands, and users, in this way they would be able to share tracks with a like-minded audience.

Push Notifications

This is a must-have feature that allows informing users about latest updates on songs, app updates, and lot more things. It keeps users engaged and develops interest for your app.

Technical Stack

  • Use Python for Backend Development.
  • Use JavaScript for Frontend Development
  • Use Hadoop, Apache Storm, Hub Framework for frameworks.
  • Use in-device cache using Cassandra/PostgreSQL for music files storage
  • Use PHP and Java for Server-side and back-end structure:
  • Use Kafka software for Real-time data management and processing
  • Use GraphWalker for model-based tests and Python integration
  • Use Dataproc for platform infrastructure:
  • Use Amazon S3, Google BigQuery for cloud-based music streaming:
  • Use Chromium embedded framework for building UI for the desktop application:
  • Use Java for Android Music Streaming App:
  • Use Objective-C for IoS Music Streaming App:
  • Use C++ for Windows/Mac clients:
  • Use Google Analytics, Twilio SendGrid for Utilities:
  • Use G Suite for Business Tools:

A good marketing strategy and a reliable app development company is what you require to implement this great idea to make huge revenues out of a music app.

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