Mobile app crashing is a very common problem among users and developers. There can be certain reasons associated with it that users and developers need to know. The top reason is not having adequate space for operating the app on a device. Apart from that, the app developers can find out various reasons associated with the app crash and safeguard it against the same. Besides Android Apps Crashing, Windows and Linux also face it.

A mobile app crash can be a problem for both app users and owners. The app developers also doubt their skills and efforts when a client app starts crashing. It becomes a challenge for them to find the corresponding bug at times. As a result, the project submission gets delayed. Apart from Android Apps Crashing, users witness iPhone, Windows, iPad, Android TV app crash and more.

Through this post, we’ll find various reasons why app crash takes place and how you should fix those issues. As such, you can safeguard your app and improve its lifecycle in the market. Let’s move on to the topic!

What is an App Crash & Why does it Takes Place?

What is an App Crash & Why does it Takes Place

App crash is a temporary hanging or buffering of a mobile app on a device. A mobile app can either hang because of lesser device space or having a technical problem. The developers can’t do anything to the user’s device except for making a lighter application. However, they can work on internal bugs and remove them for better app performance. Both iOS and Android Apps Crashing are popular among smartphone users.

Given below are the top reasons why these app crashes take place on various devices and operating systems. Take a look:

1. App Memory Management

If the app memory management is poor, app companies are likely going to face such issues. Their application is not supposed to eat up a huge space on the device. We’re not talking about high-end games and applications. But for a general-purpose mobile app that’s being newly created, a minimalistic design approach is very important. App content and information structure must be limited and simplistic.

2. Built-in Errors

There are various built-in errors that you have to work on. These errors can ruin the entire performance of the mobile application and that’s why the developers need to remove them over a period. The errors may also occur when new applications are being created in hurry. App developers may work on some deadlines but they need to team up to provide for such projects.

3. Inefficient Network Management

That’s another big reason for iOS and Android Apps Crashing. Mobile apps have got data that needs to be stored somewhere. Just like websites, these applications need specific servers to store their data. Servers may be shared, dedicated or cloud-based. Depending on the age, size, and overall content available on the app, the developers can choose the right server for better performance.

4. Poor Testing Operations

Poor mobile app testing can lead to insane results. It can lead to various errors and mistakes in the future as the developers don’t understand the user experience thoroughly. They must conduct the app testing from the user’s point of view. As such, they can find better solutions to the user problems that are a result of mobile app crashes. A mobile app can surely crash if proper testing is not conducted before the app launch.

5. The Life of Software

No software application is eternal in the world. The developers need to maintain their age over a period. If the mobile app is not getting proper maintenance it may crash in the future. The developers may leave a project after the app launch, but the app owner has to find other mobile app development service providers after some time. In this way, they can improve the lives of their mobile app for a long period and withstand crashing.

How to Protect Your Application from Mobile App Crash?

How to Protect Your Application from Mobile App Crash

Moving further, you need to find different ways to protect your application against a crash. In the previous segment, we talked about various causes of iOS and Android Apps Crashing. In this segment, we’ll discuss the different ways you can avoid such crashing or protect your application against such app crashing issues. Here are some tips and tricks to follow:

1. Conduct a Restart

A restart can improve the app’s performance like magic. By turning the app for a specific time and then turning it on you can make it more smooth and ready to use. It is not going to charge you anything but you have to learn how to make your app stop working for a specific period. In the meantime, you can make some changes to its functionality.

2. Restart Your Device

Another important way to overcome app crashing is to reboot the device. This method applies to both app users and developers. The users can switch off their device for a while and then switch it on. However, the developers can also follow this approach to improve their app building strategy and improve their testing process. They can switch off-on the device to check if the app is still working on the device.

3. Make Updates

The developers need to come up with occasional or frequent updates even after the app launch. An outdated mobile app can also crash. Besides Android Apps Crashing, iOS and Windows apps crashing is also affected by the app updates. However, you should know that an app update requires more space and database development. It may become a heavy app at times for the developers.

4. Consult the App Support

You may consult the app support providers for a better understanding of the associated issue. App maintenance and support departments work separately in some companies and the professionals working out there are very talented to provide the relative services. In many companies, app support is provided as an additional service after the app launch.

A mobile app crash can lead to a negative image of your company and you can’t survive for long in the market. Both iOS and Android Apps Crashing can let you learn something about your application that you need to transform. App development is not about building a mobile app but growing it over a period!

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