iOS app development is not entirely focused on native apps, it also focuses on cross-platform apps. Some iOS apps become popular among Android users and the app companies have to deploy them on Google Play Store. So, you can request your iOS app development company to build a cross-platform or hybrid app for your online business. You can also request a purely native app depending on your business plan.

The main character of the story is your audience. It depends on the audience if you’re supposed to create a native or hybrid app. Besides iOS apps, Android apps can also be divided into native and cross-platform. An iOS app development company is specialized in providing both native and cross-platform projects. Moreover, such companies can also provide for hybrid and web app development requirements.

New app businesses want to reach out to app developers who could suggest to them the best app-building strategies. They need to compete with a huge number of other app companies in the app stores. That’s why they want to get perfect strategy and advice from their app developers. A Flutter app-building company can suggest very effective solutions for your iOS app development objective.

In this post, we’ll discuss why iOS developers should pay more attention to Flutter-related app-building projects. Let’s get started

About Flutter Framework

About Flutter Framework

Flutter is a cross-platform and hybrid app-building framework created by Google in May 2017. The framework is world-famous and used by thousands of app companies and developers. App development frameworks are usually online tools used to develop mobile apps. These frameworks allow some programming languages and libraries to help developers build a mobile app effectively. Android and iOS app development companies often use these tools.

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit that assists in creating a stunning front end for mobile apps. This toolkit improves the overall appearance of the mobile app and targets more user attention. Flutter also keeps introducing new updates for app developers using which they can create better apps. A Flutter app-building company can assist in creating native-level cross-platform apps.

Flutter has got various libraries and native APIs that encourage developers to create apps providing native performance. That’s why the Flutter framework is highly popular among new and experienced developers

Why Should iOS Developers Pay Emphasis to Flutter?

Why Should iOS Developers Pay Emphasis to Flutter?

iOS developers have a high demand among start-ups and new app businesses. So, they are required to use the best frameworks and tools available online. Flutter is one of those highly preferred tools. iOS developers need to target both iPhone and Android users, and that’s why they need a cross-platform framework like Flutter. Besides, here are other reasons why iOS app development services should be based on Flutter:

1. Hot Reload Feature

Flutter provides an amazing hot-reload feature to the developers. Using this feature, the developers can get a quick preview of the changes made on the mobile app. After that, they can decide whether to continue with the same component or not. iOS app development services should lead to the timely submission of an app development project. Flutter helps the developers to do so.

2. Dart Language

Mobile app development is incomplete without a custom programming operation. Even if you’re creating a cross-platform app, you have to implement certain codes to a framework for developing a mobile app. Flutter allows Dart language and the app businesses have to search for experts accordingly. Moreover, learning the Dart language is an easy thing for freshers and developers. So, iOS developers should also pay attention to this framework.

3. App Testing

Flutter also provides the facility of app testing before the app launch. The iOS developers can perform various types of Units, Widget, and Integration tests on their mobile apps. Flutter performs these tests faster than usual and saves the developer’s time. Unit test is related to the specific test associated with a particular app development unit. Additionally, Widgets and Integration tests are focused on the app components and features like- GPS Integration.

4. Add-On

Developers can also add on Flutter framework to their old iOS applications and start managing their development project at any point in time. So, Flutter becomes a good companion for the app developers and simplifies the development process over time. Flutter app development services can save a lot of time and effort for the developers who want to start from the middle of a project.

5. Dependency Management

One more reason why iOS developers should pay attention to Flutter is its separate dependency management system. Or else iOS developers have to learn about 3rd party dependency management tools like- Carthage, CocoaPods, etc. The dependency management tool used by Flutter is called Pub. The dependency management system includes- tools, libraries, and plugins used for building potential apps.

Wrapping Up

Before your hire, an iOS app developer for your project must make sure of a perfect framework like Flutter. Or else, you can review various features and functions related to other app building frameworks like- React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic, etc. These frameworks are also popular among app development firms and businesses. Implement Flutter and generate an exceptional outcome for your app-building project.

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