Whenever we talk about quality devices, the name Apple often comes out. A 12-megapixel camera of an iPhone is considered far better than the 48-megapixel camera of many Chinese devices in the market. However, mobile apps are different from devices. Despite iPhone’s unmatched quality, some iOS apps still succeed to compromise user security. So, nowadays iOS App Development projects include security solutions for users and clients.

Every skilled and experienced iOS App Developer ensures full security on app usage after the launch. Because cyber crimes are continuously rising in the world and mobile app companies can’t compromise the user’s privacy. Or else, they won’t hold up the market for a longer period. Now they face higher competition in the market and are supposed to provide the users with the best products or services.

Therefore, securing iOS mobile applications is equally important as compared to Android applications. If you’re running an app development start-up company, you can follow a comprehensive developer’s guide as mentioned in this post. Additionally, we’ll discuss the importance of security for the iOS App Development Services that you’re planning to deliver to your clients. So, let’s get started!

Why You Should Secure Your iOS Mobile App?

An insecure app can impact user trust negatively and consequently lower your business reputation. No doubt, the app companies are able to bring huge traffic and conversion initially, but after a specific period, they lose everything. Hence, iOS App Development should also include modern security solutions. Given below are the other important reasons for iOS app security:

1. Increase User Participation

Good user participation on the mobile app leads to conversions. But, how can users engage on the mobile app in case of lower security and privacy? The users add their email addresses and contact details on the app database thinking that their actions are 100% legit. They also add payment details while shopping on specific apps. Therefore, the iOS app must ensure security.

2. Build Customer Loyalty

You won’t find any group of customers and followers associated with an insecure app. In the exceptional case, the customers are temporarily using the app for getting a specific service and then switch out. As such, iOS App Developers need to introduce user retention solutions through innovative app security measures and raise customer loyalty.

3. Improve User Traffic

Your iOS App Development Services cannot lead to a good outcome if you’re not able to generate higher user traffic. The users search for other users’ opinions before installing a mobile app. They search for user reviews and ratings on the app stores. If they find negative reviews regarding the app security, you can’t expect higher user traffic on your app.

4. Increase Conversion & Purchase

In the case of eCommerce and online shopping apps, the iOS App Development Company needs to care more. Hackers often target such mobile apps because of millions of money transactions running regularly. Consequently, the developers need to introduce trusted payment gateways and integration solutions to the clients.

In this way, an iOS App Development Company can raise the worth of the iPhone app on the app stores and search engines. User recognition is very important for your app business growth and that’s why app security and confidentiality matter so much!

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A Security Guide to iOS App developers

Moving further, we must know how to secure an iOS app. Experienced developers can explain things better in this context. If you want to develop an iOS app yourself and for the first time, you can find this developer’s guide quite helpful:

1. Securing Secret Keys

Experienced developers don’t store secret keys in the repository. They often use cocoa pods-keys to hide the secret keys. The process of hiding is known as Obfuscation. Although the hackers can crack the database even through obfuscation, the process helps the developers ensure that the secret values are removed from the GitHub history.

2. 3rd Party Security Apps

The iOS App Development operation is also partnered with 3rd party app security applications. But, some of these apps are vulnerable to cyber-attacks at times. Therefore, the developers ensure better quality on such 3rd party apps before using them. The apps are used to store the personal information of customers and clients, so they must be free from security breaches.

3. Secure the Networking Layer

People build a website or an app using a specific internet network. This network also gives hackers a chance to enter into the iOS apps. After that, they get access to the user’s personal information and ultimately manipulate them. The users blame the mobile app company in case of future trouble. So, the developers can make use of secured VPNs to resist a likewise cyber-attack.

4. Secure Keyboard Caching

The hackers may also target what users often write on the mobile apps through keyboard caching. As such, they don’t need to reach out to the mobile app and still get access to the user information. So, iOS App Development Security is compromised. As a result, the developers build a secured UI Text Field by using the attribute ‘YES’. It reflects the Secure Text Entry while dealing with the user’s password.

5. Secure the Logging

An app log is a file that consists of various events that take place on the mobile app. It is available in both iOS and Android apps. It consists of errors, warnings, and other informational events. Only the app developers can determine the content and format of the app log and that’s how they could secure the app against cyber-attacks.

6. Securing the Encryption

Encrypted data is itself a secured source of information about an app or website. To review this data, the users require an encryption key, or else they couldn’t translate the data into a native form. However, encrypted data also needs to be protected from hackers at times. As such, the developers use symmetric and asymmetric data encryption techniques to restrict cyber-attacks.

Final Thought

So, iOS App Development should lead to favorable app performance. For this, the developers must optimize the user security timely. Users are the king of the market and could retain your app business potential for the long term. The question is how dedicated you are to protecting their interest and experience on your mobile app.

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