Smartphones have revolutionized the new-age gaming experience of people. Nowadays, most gaming applications are created for smartphones. Certain games are highly successful among both Android and iPhone users, including Candy Crush. More than 21% of downloads on global Android phones and devices are games. Similarly, iPhone downloads cover 25% of games. That’s why millions of developers want to know how to make a gaming app worldwide.

Budding developers want to join gaming companies and learn to create successful gaming applications for mobile phones. It depends on their choice whether they like to go for iOS or an Android product. You may also know how to make a gaming app and build a career in the gaming industry or establish a business with a team. You simply need to go through a game development session.

You may also reach out to a gaming or mobile app development company to build your gaming app. You become the prime investor of such a project and you don’t need to care about learning game development. However, there are certain things that you must know. In this article, we’ve discussed how you can create a successful game application. Just go through it!

What is a Gaming Application?

A game application is application software that promotes many aspects of user interactions and actions. Every mobile app requires some user action and participation and gaming apps provide entertainment in exchange for the user activity. They’re like a virtual world that transforms users into a character and they love it. Gaming applications cover 43% of global smartphone usage. Many app companies are investing to understand how to make a gaming app.

They want to expand their app business to gaming. Either they hire game development companies or hire experienced game developers in the development team. They also make sure of their target audience before starting a game development project. 78% of gamers across the world are Android users. You may also target iPhone users in the long run.

According to research, women make higher in-game purchases than men across the world. Likewise, a gaming app makes more money from women than men considering the relative monetization model!

Types of Mobile Games Might Seek your Interest

Mobile gaming has become an industry and consists of different genres of games. People have different choices regarding video games. Some like to play online FPS, others like to play the puzzle. Some are story lovers while others love sports. Every game app type is supposed to entertain a particular user group. These mobile game genres are like various business niches.

Considering the US mobile gaming consensus, 17% of users like to download and play Puzzle Games. 11% like Number and Word Games and 7-8% of users like Action and Adventure games. Mentioned below are various popular types of game apps you can plan to create:

1. Adventure Games

Adventure games are among the best game genres on mobile phones, PC, and Consoles. Adventure games are fun, and exciting and introduce users to a whole new world. The future of VR mobile gaming is going to be bright for the adventure genre. Adventure games often provide a character to the user.

2. Betting Games

Though these games are not regulated by any app store, users can download them as a 3rd party app. Betting games let users earn a specific amount depending on their win or loss. They have to invest a specific amount before betting on a specific game. They can bet on various types of games.

3. Arcade Games

To create a game app based on Arcade, the developers must focus on gameplay and not the storyline. Users are supposed to make new scores and break their old scores on such applications. They can also play with their friends and analyze their skills on the mobile game. Fruit Ninja and Subway Surfer are the best examples.

4. Multiplayer Battle

These games are usually online FPS and generally teenagers and boys like them. These games also conduct online tournaments and offer prize money to the winners. These games come in the E-Sports and Action category. These games require high-end graphics and a huge database and take time to create.

5. Puzzle and Brain Exercise

These games are not much bigger in size but engage the users quite effectively. User engagement and interest are the leading factors to consider while creating a puzzle game. To create a game app like that, developers have to hire creative designers and professionals to provide effective ideas.

Most gaming applications belong to these genres and are doing quite well on Google Play and the iOS store. Windows store also consists of such games but they can be played only on the PC. Windows smartphones are out of the global markets!

How to Create a Potential Game Application?

The developers need to follow some important steps to create game app or some other type of application. The app development process could be complicated at times. So, the developers have to follow the proper procedure and framework to complete a mobile game-building process. They can make good products for clients and users when going with a systematic procedure. Here’s how you can build a potential game app for smartphone users:

1. Create an idea

A mobile game is an idea of entertainment. Whenever people are free, they play mobile games these days. Though they get a little time from their busy schedule, they love to play mobile games. The developers start with a gaming idea and also get suggestions from clients and businesses. A unique and revolutionary game idea can make your game business better.

2. Game Story

You can hire a creative department to work on the game story if you’re willing to create an RPG or similar game. You need a story for an adventure and action game. If the story is a hit, the game will surely become famous. Before deciding how to make a game app you must decide its story. Or else, you can switch to some other genres that don’t require a storyline.

3. Bring User Engagement

To bring user engagement, you have to make your game addictive. You can choose the puzzle or brain twister genre to do so. These games can hold the user’s interest for hours. Online FPS and action games can also bring notable user engagement and help you grow your mobile game business like a pro. User engagement also leads to in-app purchases and conversations.

4. Earning Model

You can also take the developer’s advice to add an ideal monetization model for your gaming app. Knowing how to make a gaming app is not enough. Game businesses are required to earn something or else they’re out of the market soon. Users have got ample alternatives in app stores. Most games earn by running ads within the gameplay.

5. User-Friendly Design

A game design plays a crucial role in improving user engagement and interest in the mobile game. It must encourage users to come and play the game again and again. The AR/VR gaming model is becoming extremely famous among game companies and customers because it is promoting a very user-friendly design and functionality. New users are excited about AR/VR games.

6. Create an MVP

Whether mobile apps or mobile games, an MVP can facilitate various types of projects. MVP means Minimum Viable Product and the concept doesn’t let developers add unwanted or inappropriate features to the app. You should know how to make game app by analyzing the target features required. If you add inappropriate features to your mobile game, it will cost you higher.

7. Technology Stack

You should also select a perfect technology stack for your game development process. It is a collection of various tools and techniques required to build a mobile game or app. In terms of mobile gaming, you need to decide between specific gaming engines and tools like- Unity, Construct 3, GameMaker Studio 2, GoDot Engine, GameMaker, Amazon Lumberyard, CryEngine 3, etc.

Using these game engines, you can work in an ideal virtual environment that helps you convert your gaming vision into reality. To know how to make gaming app you should decide on an effective game engine first.

Final Thought

That’s how to make a gaming app for iOS or Android users. You can learn more by working practically on a client or business project. You can also contact a mobile game development company to share your gaming vision with their expert developers and build a stunning mobile game for your prime users.

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