If you’re implying your current online business investment to android app development projects, then you’re not alone. It has got certain advantages and disadvantages for your business objective. Starting with the disadvantage, there are many other Android App Development Companies that are providing for such online businesses out there. So, competition naturally rises.

Secondly, there are advantages too. Android is surely the most used smart phone platform across the globe. Consequently, it’s got better opportunities for app companies. You simply need to learn how to use your opportunity for better app performance. As such, native android app development frameworks are becoming essential for app development projects. A variety of them is available in the online market with different features and functions.

The Android App Development Companies can choose according to their client tastes and preferences. Moreover, the business model also makes a difference.

Through this article, we want to showcase the top 7 Android App Development Frameworks that the app companies are preferring these days to intensify their performance over app stores. There are nearly 2.5 billion Android app users across the world using multiple integrated devices. The users belong to 191 countries globally. Hence, many of these Android app-building frameworks are getting user attention these days. App Development Companies are the top among those users.

What Are Android App Frameworks?

App development frameworks are of different types. It depends on the kind of project undertaken. The businesses usually go through 4 kinds of app building projects- Native, Cross-Platform, Hybrid, and Web-Based projects. These projects require developers to implement different types of frameworks. Android App Development Companies also particularly need to follow some frameworks out there.

The framework is simply a collection of app development tools and instruments that are accompanied by specific programming languages the developers can use. They can also make use of other tools and plugins if available to avoid unnecessary coding operations. Many App Development Companies are approaching these techniques to save time and effort to cater the app-building project from scratch.

The frameworks are not always dedicated to a single platform. Most of the frameworks are used to deliver to different operating systems. For example, Apache Cordova is dedicated to serving the following OS:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Symbian
  • Samsung Smartphones
  • Palm WebOS
  • WAC etc.

In the next segment, we’ll talk about the 7 best Android app development frameworks that app-building professionals are preferring these days. Or else, you can also contact Appikr and share your app development project requirements with our skilled and experienced development team for better suggestions. We’re a renowned mobile app building & maintenance company in the UAE having 9 years of IT exposure and industrial experience in delivering relative client projects!

7 Best App Building Frameworks that Android App Development Companies Prefer

It is not important that every app developer globally is required to use the frameworks mentioned in this section. However, the frameworks come with the leading app development features and amenities that most Android App Development Companies are looking for. Let’s review them one by one:

1. React Native Android

React Native is an open-source app development framework that’s considered one of the most reliable ones. Nearly 39% of global app developers are using React Native as a cross-platform framework. That means, it can be used to develop a mobile app for building both iOS and Android apps using a single programming code. The framework is mainly based on JavaScript which is a renowned programming language among modern developers.

2. Ionic Android

Ionic is also a cross-platform framework that comes with open-source and free-to-use functions for all developers out there. The framework support developers who use CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript languages. The framework is quite older than Flutter and React Native and is famous among contemporary App Development Companies. Certified by MIT, the framework often provides for Hybrid and Interactive app projects. Hence, more than 16% of global app developers prefer Ionic.

3. Flutter Android

Flutter Android - Appikr

Flutter offers the best native API system to the app developers out there. Even though most app developers prefer to go with cross-platform frameworks, they also want their mobile app to offer native appearance and functionality to the app users. Because native apps perform slightly better than cross-platform and hybrid apps. Flutter has the greatest number of users and developers globally. It covers 42% market share alone in the current period. The relative languages are- Dart, C & C++.

4. Native Android

These frameworks are specifically focused on native app-building projects. That means creating apps for a particular OS and relative devices, for example, iOS. The apps would have to undergo multiple versions to be used on multiple platforms. Therefore, iOS and Android App Development Companies have to hire multiple developers having mastery over various programming languages, tools, and techniques. Most native codes are written in C and C++.

5. Xamarin Android

Xamarin comes out as the 5th most popular cross-platform app development framework available in the market. Though it’s one of the oldest forms of app development frameworks created by Microsoft a decade ago, it’s still a popular way of app development and comes with native API libraries that can help developers create a more reliable and powerful mobile app in the cross-platform category as well. The framework support- HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.

6. Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova - Appikr

It is an advanced version of PhoneGap and has become way more popular than the PhoneGap framework in the past few years. Just like Ionic, it is used by 16% of app developers worldwide. Created by Nitobi, the framework is written in C#, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Objective-C.

7. NativeScript Android

Created in March 2015, the NativeScript is also an open-source app creation framework that is based on JS, Angular, and CSS programming languages. The framework has got app deployment options for Web, Mobile, Desktop, and PWA platforms as well.

Final Words

Those were some of the most used and popular frameworks the modern Android App Development Companies are using these days. There are many other options that certain app developers often use to cater to their special projects and business models. We suggest you first reach out to Appikr before deciding on the right framework for your app development project. We’re a famous cross-platform & hybrid app development company in the UAE!

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