The android platform covers a big share of the mobile app industry. Android devices have a huge market share and are cheaper than Apple devices. That’s why Android apps have a higher customer demand in the market. So, Android app development has a huge scope for client satisfaction and user recognition. The app companies are approaching Android App Development Solution for building the best product for the target audience.

App development service providers are using the latest tech-stack to provide for client and user preferences successfully. The technical stack used by the developers consists of various tools, frameworks, and programming languages. Kotlin is one of those frameworks and comes under the top 10 cross-platform frameworks worldwide. Kotlin provides an Android App Development Solution based on cross-platform and native Android models.

The framework provides many new and revolutionary features to the developers to want to build unique products for a modern audience. Though Kotlin is used by only 2% of global developers, it has its unique style and features to raise user interest. Android App Building with Kotlin has its own advantages and drawbacks.

In this post, we’ll explain 8 amazing app development tips using the Kotlin Multi platform framework.

Advantages of Using Kotlin Framework


Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that comes with a unique framework that allows developers to do their job effectively. The language is used to create cross-platform apps for both Android and iPhone users. It provides a perfect Android App Development Solution for clients who want to target a wider audience. So, the framework is not appropriate for native app developers and relative businesses.

The framework provides various benefits for the corresponding app development projects. Let’s have a brief overview of all those benefits:

  • Adopting a new Kotlin app-building project is very easy
  • Kotlin doesn’t let the developers use high-end coding for the project
  • Kotlin has got notable community support on social media resources
  • It resolves different types of challenges to developers
  • It is a safer and more trustworthy framework for app building
  • Kotlin is devoted to multi-platform app-building projects

As such, various start-ups and experienced companies are approaching Kotlin for modern Android Mobile App Development projects. The developers need to follow the app-building trends as per user tastes that keep changing over time. Kotlin framework also provides timely updates to the developers who want to follow the trends!

8 Android App Development Tips for Kotlin Users

8 Android App Development Tips for Kotlin Users

If you’re building a Kotlin app for the first time, you must follow some unique app development tips and tricks for a better outcome. These tips and tricks will minimize the different challenges that you face regarding your app development objective. Mentioned below are the 8 Android Mobile App Development tips and tricks for start-ups and newbies:

1. Initiate a New Project

First, we advise you to initiate a new app-building project with Kotlin. It is very easy to get started with the Kotlin framework. Instead of getting an already built website or app, you must go for a fresh project. You’ll get to learn how to create a Kotlin app from scratch. It will help you get other Kotlin projects in the future. Getting a basic understanding of an app development framework is crucial for regulating future projects.

2. Apply Lazy Loading

Though lazy loading represents poor mobile app performance, it is sometimes important for user retention on specific pages. The question is which web pages or app pages require slow loading. The users like certain products and services available on the app and want a detailed overview of them. They even wait for a particular time to see a perfect image and specifications of such products.

So, the Android App Building Company working with Kotlin must include a lazy loading function in this context.

3. Using Lambdas

Lambdas is a cross-platform app development function that reduces the coding lines in your backend database. It makes the development process more comfortable for coders and traditional developers. Additionally, they can make use of other features and libraries to optimize the app functionality from time to time. An Android App Development Solution must promote time-saving and fewer complications for both developers and app users.

4. Convert Codes into Kotlin

Remember that Kotlin is not just a framework but a unique programming language as well. You must learn the language before initiating your app development project. While approaching a good Android App Building Company, make sure that one of their team members knows about Kotlin programming perfectly. You have to convert your Java code into Kotlin further.

5. Use Custom Getters

The custom-defined getters and setters are used to optimize the app’s accessibility. That means the developers and designers can improve their UX design for higher user engagement in the future. It helps the developers to modify the app codes very easily if required. The ease of app access is going to raise the user actions on your mobile app.

6. Cautious Typecasting

Typecasting is used to transform a particular backend object from a specific data type to another. The Kotlin app developers may get a project where the company wants to change the entire data structure of the app content. So, the Android App Development Solution is focused on the entire data modification and a new frontend appearance to be expected.

7. Use Collection Filtering

Kotlin framework also provides a collection filtering option for modifying the collection content while using an API. This filtration function also helps you to improve the code structure of the app content. It makes it clear and concise so that other developers could easily study the backend data structure of your mobile app and provide the best solutions.

8. Keep Practicing

You can even start with a dummy app development project, but don’t stop practicing until initiate a proper client project. Kotlin can be complicated at times but you must decide on providing for easy projects in the beginning to understand the core of app development with this framework. You can also approach an Android App Developers if not familiar with coding and programming at all.

Closing Words

Kotlin app development is not something out of the world for learning. You just need to give it ample time and effort and you can get the best client projects in the future. If you’re creating an app for your business, you can either use your Kotlin app-building skills or get a dedicated Android App Development Solution.

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