Looking for an amazing business idea? Think of a mobile app that brings together people with similar likes and dislikes and allows them to develop a good relationship. Yes, we are talking about developing a dating app where people can find a solution for their seclusion. Android application development has come up with some exceptional dating apps which are gaining much recognition these days as people are looking for relationships in their hectic lifestyle where they don’t get enough time to explore people face-to-face and know them deeply.

Almost 15% of adults in the US rely on the Internet when it comes to finding a partner and 12 percent of people aged between 55 and 64 are active users of mobile dating apps. It seems like plenty of people have not only recognized but also jumped at the opportunity of making money out of people’s solitude and natural aspiration to live in couples.

This post will discuss some major benefits and reasons why offering a unique and attractive dating app will prove to be an innovative approach towards making huge revenues.

People love to seek Love

No matter what their age is or in what type of relationships they are already in, it’s a human tendency to seek complete satisfaction. Now here, we don’t imply in any terms that you must force them to betray an existing relationship but to provide an alternative where they can fulfill their quest for a perfect partner in form of a lover or a true friend with whom they can simply share anything.

There are certain things which people don’t like to share with their family members or in-person friends but can easily share them with virtually. This longing desire for a trusted partner or friend is something that has made apps like Tinder; a super success today. Hence, offering people a chance to explore the best match for their emotional contentment will surely make your dating app a hit.

Privacy Intact

Think of a moment when some of your family member or even a neighbor notices you with a partner sitting in a cafe sharing a cup of coffee. It creates a razzmatazz all around and you certainly don’t like it to be exposed in such way. Whether it’s an IoT mobile app or a dating app, it keeps your privacy intact while dating with your desired partner and offers several interesting features to share your feelings and emotions in the best creative way. Believe it or not, people often look for a safe and protected platform to date someone in real life and when they get this facility online, they never step back from availing this exciting benefit. Therefore, offering a safe online platform to date is another major advantage of a dating app for which people prefer it.

Social Media Integration

If you look at Tinder and some other renowned dating apps, one common thing that you will notice is the social media integration that adds to the fun for users. You get to know about a person in detail when you can share your preferences, likes & dislikes mood, ideology and hobbies through any social media channel that is perfectly integrated with your dating app.

Love is all about sharing and people prefer dating apps which allow them to explore as much as possible about the person they are looking for and expressing themselves in a creative and attractive way. Custom iOS app development integrates Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to allow users to share their emotions in an effective way when they are integrated with social media platforms.

Technology Yields Results

The best thing about a well-designed dating app is that it has a sound database where information is accessed based on common interests, location, age, and so forth. This is almost half the problem solved to find the best match for you through commonly shared interests. The database algorithm is so set that it brings out the most desirable search results for you that you are looking for in a partner. Allow users to enter authentic personal information so that you can deliver better search results for them through your dating app.

Offering Specialized Features

To make maximum profit out of a dating app, you can choose to offer subscription packs where users can earn reward points based on their activities and can redeem them to send exciting gifts to their partners.

This feature is already creating uproar among users who like sharing gifts to develop a better and long-lasting relationship. Moreover, it will also prove to be a profitable option for you to gain maximum out of your dating app.

Personalized Push Notifications

This feature is what makes mobile apps a better alternative to websites. Ask your iOS app developer to instill push notifications that encourage user retention, so you absolutely need to have this feature if it’s true that your plan is to create a dating app. Notify your users when the new perfect match is found or send them cheer-up messages when they don’t seem to have much success among other users.

You can also choose to offer various interesting updates through these notifications like first date suggestion, testimonials from friends and custom messages of encouragement to cheer the most desperate users up.

The only thing is you have to consider the best app development company for this project to be a great success. It will surely serve as the best revenue generation formula if you work on it innovatively along with the development agency.

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