Technological innovations are intervening our lives at an unprecedented rate and both businesses and consumers are gaining a lot from such revolutions. Moreover, the number of smartphone users are also increasing day-by-day and businesses across the globe want to have their presence on each device. This have put much pressure on mobile app development services to meet various expectations on both users’ end and from businesses’ point of view. To pursue these challenges, app developers are following every new trend to simplify umpteen lives and offer innovative measures for businesses to meet their ever-increasing requirements and deliver contentment to users. This blog will focus on some top mobile app development trends that are being used now and what scope they have in the coming time to meet rising expectations of digitally smart worldwide customers.

Internet of Things IoT

No one has ever wondered that internet will enter into our homes, bedrooms, and even in kitchens and will provide seamless flexibility to have things done. Today, IoT is dominating many different domains including connected devices, smart home security systems, autonomous farming equipment, wearable health monitor, inventory tracker, cybersecurity scanners and much more. Whether it’s your television, doorbell camera, lighting system or smart lock, IoT is everywhere. IoT app development is getting huge recognition worldwide and there is great demand for this as businesses as well as consumers are demanding more sophisticated apps to help them out in their day-to-day operations and activities. The technology has been under constant exploration for developing smart homes, self-driving cars, AI-powered IoT devices, and in healthcare sector.

Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning

Both AI and ML has contributed a lot in transforming the entire mobile app development services where developers are exploring these technologies for voice search, face unlock, chatbots and many other crucial aspects. The Ai-powered photo filtering apps have also gained much appreciation by businesses and consumers. Both technologies have much potential to transform enterprise app development and in the coming time, concepts like static image recognition, algorithmic trading strategy performance, patient data processing, predictive maintenance, object identification & tracking, geophysical feature detection will be on priority for app developers to deliver value-added features and functionalities to worldwide businesses.

Augmented & Virtual Reality AR/VR

Have you ever imagined that you can try an outfit virtually before ordering it online? The VR technology has enabled app developers to come up with some innovative AR/VR app development concepts that have facilitated umpteen sectors to offer enhanced satisfaction to their customers. Moreover, Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore have enabled developers to come up with some smart features like motion tracking, people occlusion and many more similar concepts. Industries such as Healthcare, Transportation, tourism, and e-commerce are expected to gain a lot from both these technologies. In the coming time, the focus will be on AR-based virtual user manual, virtual training simulations, VR-based exploration activities, VR-based live music festivals and concerts, AR-based destination navigation, AR/VR-based visual learning experiences.

Beacon Technology

This technology is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals and when your device enters a Beacon zone, the app starts receiving the signals and present all relevant information, notifications, and guidance for a specific purpose that a user is looking for. The primary purpose of using this technology for mobile app development services is GP-enabled tracking. Industries such as hotels, museums, healthcare and logistics are currently making effective use of this technology to bridge the gap between service providers and their target users. In the coming time, app developers will be focusing on making best use of this BLE-enabled tracking mechanism to explore new heights in healthcare sector, travel & tourism, mobile payment integration, and in some physical games such as treasure hunt and some other clue games.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has added to the security of data storage by keeping it absolutely safe from cyberattack and hackers. Till now, the technology has been widely used for cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Blockchain-enabled mobile apps will be much secure and swift in their performance to deliver contentment to worldwide smartphone users. Ethereum depicted its potential in developing some robust decentralized apps that don’t require any mediator for managing their information and data. It directly connects the users with service providers and hence, eliminates the risk of data exposure to any third party. Healthcare, Finance, and Trading are some common sectors where Blockchain has already prove its worth and in the coming time, the focus will be on antipiracy, securing public elections, transparent betting, robotics, and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).

End Note

Trends like 5G, folding display, biometric authentication, and wearables will also be under consideration by the tech experts and app developers to explore some possibilities in developing cloud-based biometric solutions and allowing people to track their fitness and health with enhanced ease and flexibility. Mobile app development services are always dedicated to offer innovative digital solutions that can add more comfort and awareness in people’s lives and let them cherish the digital era with upcoming advancements.

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