Terms & Conditions

Support & Maintenance :

Appikr Ltd. takes up the whole responsibility to handle, build, and upgrade a client’s websites or mobile apps as designing and development commission part. In an alternative way, Appikr Ltd. will serve the overall growth of the project from cutting edge to accomplishment.


Appikr Ltd. could not be responsible for any data accommodate within The Client’s website. Such content remains the copyright and intellectual property of The Client. Examples of work: Appikr Ltd holds the right to demonstrate graphics and all other elements of web designs as an instance of their work in their respective individual portfolios.

Travel time and expenses:

Traveling time to and from client areas is not commonly included in our estimate. If travel or visit needed for any meeting then The Client would pay all the expenses or as agreed by both two parties.


The value quoted to a client is for the work worked on the quotation only. Should the client need to decide on the changes that are needed, as the site is created, then we will offer a separate individual quote for the extra work and might require reviewing the timescale for finishing the project.

Upfront Payment:

20% of the total project’s cost is supposed to require in advance before starting the work. After finishing the work, this advance will not be refunded.

Payment Terms :

At the current time, payment is accepted by Demand Drafts, Cheques, PayPal, NEFT unless otherwise agreed.


Payment would be due within 14 days of the invoice. A complete release of the Mobile App or Website launch might take place only after the whole payment is done unless otherwise agreed. In previous, any material released might be swept out if payment does not yet get. When this incident happens a minimum charge of US $50 would be needed to achieve the best project retreated. All unsettled accounts within 14 days of the date rendered on the invoice will sustain late payment charges of the actual amount’s 15%.


If the client is approved to proceed with the work should be considered a contractual agreement between the Appikr and the client. The work approval could happen via an email (with the quote document attached) or the quote document need to be signed by the client. Work approval for proceeding and the advance payment fee refers that the client accepts all these terms and conditions.


All different required materials supplied by the client remain on the client’s property. It will be presumed that all these materials belong to the client and that it does not violate any laws of copyright issue.

Domain Name:

Appikr serves domain name services if needed. These domain names are registered by Appikr Ltd. on the client’s behalf are Appikr property until the client has paid for this domain that booked and expert fees associated to and agreed upon in previous.

Registration Charges:

All various third-party costs that come to light from the domain name registration or third-party services/utilities should be met by the client and are payable to Appikr Ltd. before an official app for registration is made. These rules and laws are mentioned in the standard invoice issued after the work approval.


Appikr Ltd. will maintain the copyright of all materials that including artwork, source code, and design, developed for the client by Appikr Ltd. Once the final payment has done to Appikr Ltd. copyright would be transferred to the client if agreed in the previous. Appikr Ltd.keeps the right to hold the copyright on all material developed by Appikr Ltd. unless otherwise agreed between both the two parties in the form of writing.

Photography & Graphics:

Appikr Ltd. might use different stock images and website photographs in the design and development of the app or website. Graphics and images are bought from stock libraries are not naturally included in the quote and will e included once the client has agreed to pay the extra cost.

Internet Service Provider:

The client knows that any Internet Service Provider (ASP) solutions or Website storage solutions will need an individual contract with ISP. Appikr. will approve to establish a domain name with any required host, but will not be held liable for any changes that could be made by the server supplied.

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