Gaming apps are probably the most loved ones in the market. There are different sorts of gaming enthusiasts as per different genres. Some like to play online FPS and some are great fans of Story-based Open World RPG & PVPs. Smartphones have also become the new gaming hubs throughout the last decade with the introduction of famous online FPS like- PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and more. Hence, Gaming App Development is consistently gaining popularity among online businesses.

Besides gaming, users are finding such games as new social media platforms interacting with their friends and even strangers in random squad gameplay. The game developers are also focusing on adding new features via different game updates on a monthly, quarterly & yearly basis. Users may like or dislike such updates and also share their opinion regarding the same on the app stores. The gaming app development companies stay updated to new technologies to introduce frequent & occasional updates.

In this article, we’re going to address the 10 most admired technologies that are supposed to bring revolution in the mobile gaming app industry in the future. Let’s find out how.

10 Amazing Technologies to Revise About Gaming Apps

The share of mobile game development across the total apps build per year worldwide is more than 60% out of which 25% iOS Games & 21% Android Games are downloaded so far. If you simply open Google App Store today, most of the apps on the home page you see are mobile games. That’s why the mobile game developers are very much concerned about new technologies and updates their rivals are supposed to deliver to the target audience in the future.

Enlisted are some of the budding technologies you’re not allowed to overlook in case you’re planning to introduce a mobile game in the app stores soon:

1. Voice Recognition

Besides search engines, the gaming industry is also focusing on advanced voice recognition frameworks that could bring real-life experience for modern professional gamers. Even rookies and unprofessional are going to like the concept and have their personal voice assistant to improve their skills on the game.

With voice recognition, support can simply talk to the game’s AI support and learn quicker. This sort of Gaming App Development can really help them out uplift their expertise for online tournaments & events also.

2. Face Recognition

The next important technology to review is Face Recognition. It has already become a part of many innovative AR mobile apps like Eyeglasses & Face Editing & Photography Apps. After recognizing the user’s face, these apps take some actions to make changes in the existing appearance of the user’s face to offer relative products or services. The enhanced facial recognition 3D techniques can also generate a perfect replica of the user to create a visual character for the gameplay that users are surely going to like.

3. Stunning Graphics

With emerging device screen resolutions, the quality of graphics also needs to improve for an enhanced gaming experience. Despite releasing 8 years ago, GTA 5 still entertains millions of open-world gaming fans across the world. The reason is the game had got stunning graphics that promote real-life experiences perfectly. Technology has come a long way of the elementary 8-bit graphics and the existing Mobile Game Development companies have to deal with that.

4. HD Screens

The need for stunning graphics is useless if the users are not paying attention to their device’s display quality. However, even cheap Android smartphones are available with advanced HD AMOLED displays these days. As such, game developers have no scarcity of opportunities and need to focus on bringing HD graphics to their mobile games.

5. VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is the future of 3D gaming and the existing Gaming App Development norms need to collaborate with such techniques right away. Virtual Reality would make the users jump into the virtual world of the game and feel like they’re playing in reality. VR-enabled games are supposed to provide a 360-degree 3D view. What users need to do is to purchase a VR headset or relative device and get started.

6. Gesture Control

Gesture control is also an emerging companion to AR & VR technologies. The technology enables users to say goodbye to traditional and digital gaming consoles and use their hands & body parts for playing games. Although the technology is still in the development phase, it is actively used at a few renowned Family Fun Centers and Gaming Parks.

7. AR

The next big innovation we need to talk about is Augmented Reality (AR) and it’s quite amazing. If you have seen the 2018 comedy action thriller Johnny English Strikes Again, you can easily understand the collaboration of AR & VR together. The protagonist had to go through an advanced training protocol organized by MI-6 inspired by an AR-VR-supported gaming set-up.

The protagonist was able to move, use his hands & feet to fight the internal game characters without actually going anywhere. However, the scene immediately turns into a severe dose of laughter.

 8. Wearables

Wearables are the devices connected to the mobile app that the users can use to perform some actions supported by their mobile phone. VR Headsets are one of them. These headsets can be controlled by your smartphone and also have some space for you to place your smartphone for enjoying 3D visuals and games.

9. Cloud Gaming

Instead of a specific Game App Developmentyou can create an entire library of online mobile and PC games on a cloud-based server and play exceptionally in the market. Moreover, if you’re an aspiring game developer, you must integrate your mobile game’s data with an available cloud server. The emerging gamers are just crazy about such platforms.

10. On-Demand Games

On-demand games are specifically related to certain organizations and require likewise customizations that the emerging developers need to understand. In this way, the game developers can target a specific market where they’ve got a monopoly for running their operations. To maintain such a monopoly, they must focus on corresponding game updates and features.

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