We cannot discuss the visual revolution without addressing AR/VR technologies. These technologies have given birth to various modern devices and apps. Mobile app companies also learn so much from adding such innovative features to their apps. AR integration is generating new market opportunities for app companies and start-ups. Therefore, app developers are offering Augmented Reality Services to corresponding clients.

Some clients don’t require Augmented Reality Services because their app businesses have nothing to do with visual content and the device camera integration. But other business niches are looking forward to adding the AR feature to their apps. Tourism is one of those niches. Tourism and visual content have an old relationship. Augmented Reality (AR) is different from the Virtual Reality (VR) technique.

Where VR allows users to watch whatever they like sitting at one place, AR encourages them to walk around. The more they walk, the more things they are supposed to experience. Pokémon Go is a perfect example to consider here. As such, Augmented Reality App Development is getting more client attention in the market.

Let’s explore the impact of AR technology on mobile app businesses and the different ways it’s reshaping the travel and tourism industry!

What is AR App & What are Its Uses?

Augmented Reality Apps consist of AR integration technique that makes them different from other apps on the app stores. AR integration is associated with the device camera. It generates graphical effects and AI-based information regarding whatever appears on the device camera. So, these apps are used in multiple industries around the world. Consequently, the demand for Augmented Reality Services is rising among different sectors.

Given below are the different industries that are using AR apps in the existing era:

  • Training & Education Industry
  • Healthcare & Fitness Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Logistics
  • Automobile & Electric Vehicles
  • eCommerce & Retail Industry
  • Real Estate Sector
  • Building & Construction Sites
  • Traveling & Tourism
  • Mobile Gaming and more

The demand for such apps is expected to rise further as the technology represents the future of visual content. Augmented Reality App Development is just another contribution to the metaverse concept of the future!

How is AR App Influencing the Travel & Tourism Industry?

Where there’s a tour, there’s a camera. People don’t need to carry a professional DSLR to capture their traveling moments these days. A smartphone is enough. As such, Travel App Developers are getting better market opportunities by adding the AR feature to their apps. People use these apps to book their flight tickets, hotels, and travel destination. Additionally, AR apps are influencing the Travel & Tourism sector in the following ways:

1. Choosing the Right Hotel

Choosing the Right Hotel

Today the hospitality industry is more conscious about their guests as it has got badly affected by the novel Coronavirus outbreak. That’s why hotels are providing a 360-degree virtual view of their top accommodations before the guests arrive. Using an AR-enabled traveling app, the guests can have an overview of the place before visiting. As such, the hotels are improving their quality for a positive customer experience.

2. Augmented Destinations

The second aspect relates to the information. Wherever the tourists go, they can use their mobile app to get brief or detailed information about it. They simply need to point their device camera toward the place or monument and the information is ready to serve. Travel App Developers consider it as a smart move to improve user engagement and interest in the app. Augmented destinations are also helping archaeological experts learn new things.

3. Local Transportation

People are using such traveling apps to track their local traveling destinations easily. When they visit a new place or city, they face problems getting the right bus or cab (taxi) to travel around. Using an AR device or eyeglasses, they can navigate all such places and even their ride before deciding on the same. That’s why traveling companies want to Hire AR App Developers for providing such incredible services to their customers.

4. AR Gaming

Some tour and travel companies are also providing built-in low-end games for users to enjoy their trip. The games are based on education about the places. While traveling back to their home, they could play such games to refresh their memory about the places explored. The modern Augmented Reality Services focus on educating kids and teenagers in different ways. AR Gaming is one of those ways!

5. Beacon Technology

AR integration can also be paired with Beacon integration. Beacon technology notifies smartphone users about a specific place that they are about to visit. This helps them track their destination more effectively. Using an AR app, they get these notifications in a creative form. They know that they’ve reached a target destination way ahead of time and prepare for the arrival. Hence, the companies go to Hire AR App Developers and upgrade their user experience.

4. AR for Museums

AR for Museums - Appikr

Many travel destinations have a museum to attract school kids, teachers, and old ages. AR technology is transforming the experience of visiting such places comprising historical proofs of something. People who don’t have good vision can also use AR eyeglasses to get a perfect picture and information about the things kept in the museum. The Augmented Reality Services are dedicated to resolving various user issues.

5. Enhance User Trust

Information is the foundation of trust and reliability and AR apps are becoming a great source of information for global users. That’s why travel app companies are approaching AR integration techniques to raise their worth and trust factor among the users. The more user trust established; the higher loyalty app companies can expect from such users.

Wrapping Up

You can optimize your travel app development project by introducing such modern features and attracting more conversions for your tourism offers. Along with the Augmented Reality Services, you can approach VR integration services, in case your app’s visual content allow you to do so. Artificial Intelligence also has different aspects that you can use to improve your travel app functionality and generate a good user experience.

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