VR technology is getting more recognition from users and app companies these days. Virtual Reality (VR) is opening doors for enhanced user experience and entertainment and is integrated into mobile gaming applications too. These applications are getting more user recognition over mobile app stores as providing futuristic content to users. The tech market is divided into various categories of customers and users. AR VR App Development Services are also distributed among app companies targeting such user categories.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is also a complementary product to VR technology now. In addition, smartphones also require a compact & portable VR device that could offer the same user experience while playing mobile games or watching virtual 360-degree content on mobile phones. AR VR App Development Services and relative companies are changing shapes and need the best devices out there to get an idea of what the client project is all about.

There are 2 popular types of VR devices available in the market currently- Standalone VR and PC VR. Through this post, we want to differentiate between the two and let you know how you’re supposed to design & develop your mobile app considering the two categories available. In this way, you can decide better on the outcome of your app development project and please your client.

Moreover, if you have a VR integrated app creation department of your own, here’s what you should learn about the Standalone & PC VR technique!

Difference Between Standalone & PC VR

The app publishers, developers, and investors all are concerned about the different VR techniques these days. Though VR apps have the potential to target higher user traffic & attention, they need a special budget and investment to establish over app stores. As such, AR VR App Development Services can become challenging for app companies to approach. Therefore, having knowledge of the device to which the mobile app is being integrated is important.

VR devices are distributed among 2 categories- Standalone & PC and given below are the differences that suggest which one you should go for regarding your mobile app development project:

  • Standalone VR headsets are wireless, whereas PC VR always require a cable support
  • Standalone VR device is compact and lightweight, whereas PC VR is bulky
  • You can easily carry a Standalone VR to places where you have to think twice in case of PC VR with the corresponding need
  • Where Standalone comes with a built-in screen processor and battery support PC VR doesn’t have such features
  • Standalone is specially designed for smartphone users and not PC users where PC VR simply suggests what its name suggests
  • Standalone VR headset examples include- HTC VIVE Focus, Pico Neo, Lenovo Mirage Solo. PC VR examples are- HTC VIVE Pro, Oculus Rift, Sony PS VR, etc.
  • PC VR devices are usually high-performance machines that can provide the best visual content quality possible, where Standalone devices are still in the development and improvement phase regarding the picture quality
  • PC VR devices also offer special communication facilities that require unique user credentials to let them log in to the VR setup, Standalone headsets are not available with such features yet

In this way, you can decide on your favorite VR device and corresponding users while targeting your app development project. Or else you can approach Appikr and share your VR app project requirement right away. We’re a leading Virtual Reality App Development Company in the UAE, USA, India, and the UK!

Why Standalone VR is a Better Option as Compared to PC VR?

Even though Standalone VR headsets are not offering multiple features to improve user experience, app development focused on Standalone VR integration is currently the best option the app developers and app companies can go for. The implementation of AR VR App Development Services is usually focused on the majority of users. And, the majority of users are preferring Standalone VR as compared to PC. Enlisted are the reasons behind it:

  • Low Cost

Standalone devices are available for cheaper rates as compared to PC VR. Inspired by renowned brands, there are many local brands that are also offering VR headsets for even cheaper rates. Hence, the market share is in the favor of Standalone headsets majorly. For higher user traffic, you have to show your mobile app compatibility dedicated to the corresponding VR devices.

  • Better Mobility

Moving ahead, Standalone VR headsets are extremely easy to carry and compact to store in laptop bags as well. The limited size makes the product easy to carry around and share with friends and relatives anytime, anywhere. The VR headset is also lightweight and free from heavy damage threats. This makes mobility easier and more reliable to conduct by users.

  • Improving Performance

Even though Standalone VR headsets are not able to produce picture quality as good as PC, the VR device companies are consistently making improvements in the existing graphic chips to provide a better 3D experience to the users. Oculus Quest is a notable device to consider in this context. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 4 GB RAM to play high-quality content.

  • Comparable Matrices

The various components and elements Standalone VR devices used to create a 3D immersive representation of mobile app content are not anywhere inferior to PC devices. The Virtual Reality App Development Companies are focusing on Standalone devices more than PC devices as these devices provide so much in exchange for very little.

  • Better Gaming Experience

If you don’t know, high-end AR games are not possible to be played without a Standalone device as you won’t be able to carry a whole PC or laptop around. For example, games like Pokémon Go can’t be played sitting at a particular place for hours. The players are required to move here and there physically to enjoy the game. Standalone VR headsets are simply portable.


Being an app development expert or app business, you’re required to take care of the user tastes and preferences, even if not up to the mark. The AR VR App Development Services at Appikr specially make sure that the user demand is not overlooked or else the relative app-building project is not supposed to bring relative ROI against project investment. You can visit Appikr anytime to let us know about your app-building plan. Let’s talk!!

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