Smartphones are the future of the mobile industry. The mobile industry has gone through a drastic change in the last decade due to smartphone sales. These devices have become a good source of entertainment and communication. A smartphone is not limited to calling and SMS. Likewise, the mobile gaming industry is also booming with the popularity of PUBG and other open-world games. Android Game Development is currently controlling the mobile game market.

That’s because a majority of smartphone devices run on Android platforms around the world. Also, iOS is the 2nd most used mobile platform. Additionally, iPhone users install more gaming software than Android users on their devices. So, iOS is equally popular with Android Game Development. Before undertaking an Android game-building project, the developers need to confirm the client’s requirements.

Moreover, the client requirement is based on user preferences. Hence, the developers ultimately focus on providing for the user likes and tastes. They also give suggestions to clients and gaming companies regarding user likes. New gaming companies and start-ups don’t recognize the user choice initially. To execute Mobile Game Development for Android the developers must review the popular Android games and their respective genres.

In this post, we’ll discuss these gaming genres and go through a detailed guide on Android game building!

Meaning & Features of Android Game Development

The demand for game development has increased after the introduction of smartphones. Earlier, most people used to play games on consoles and PCs. Android Game Development has raised the demand for mobile gaming as most smartphone users in the world are Android users.

Additionally, smartphone users are also increasing worldwide. The technology has reached rural and remote regions of the world as well.

Moreover, Android game building is different from other game-building projects. Here are some features that differentiate it from other development approaches:

  • Developers are often familiar with the programming languages used
  • Android platform is more interactive with users and developers
  • Android development provides unmatched support for multimedia operations
  • The platform comes with occasional but powerful updates and new facilities for developers
  • Gaming development is an easy affair for Android developers
  • The developers enjoy a minimal-barrier ecosystem amid creating mobile games
  • The distribution process requires less effort on part of the developers
  • The developers get a huge device environment to interact with
  • User experience is very pleasant for developers and project managers

As such, developers can create innovative and futuristic mobile games for the Android platform. To run Mobile Game Development for Android you must select the right tools and techniques. It will help you generate good output against the client investment!

Top Android Game Development Tools & Frameworks

Moving ahead, selecting the right tools and techniques you can build revolutionary games for the Android platform. The Mobile Game Development frameworks involved here are distributed among- Entry, Mid, and Expert levels. Start-ups often use entry-level tools whereas experienced developers use mid and expert-level tools. Let’s review the best tools in this category:

1.Fusion 2.5

It is an entry-level scripting tool and it is used to build 2D Android games. It helps developers use innovative side-scrolling shooters along with point-&-click themes. First, the developers need to decide on the game storyline, genre, functions, and features. After that, they could use the various tool features effectively.

2. Engine 001

It is another entry-level game engine that was introduced in 2006. The engine was relaunched in 2015 and has got new graphical and text scripting tools. Developers with zero coding experience can also use the graphical scripting tool and initiate a perfect Mobile Game Development project.

3. Appypie

It is a mid-level game engine for budding developers. Moreover, it let them do their creativity and not care about the coding process. It comes with modern no-code solutions for your Android Game Development project. It provides unique templates and a dedicated marketplace for developers to promote their products faster.

4. GameMaker Studio

It is one of the oldest game engines in the market and is still popular among experienced and newbie developers. Additionally, the platform comes with a free trial version for new developers and Android game projects. Although it is an easy-to-use framework, it supports the GML language for coding professionals.

5. Unity 3D

As the name suggests, the engine is dedicated to building high-end 3D Android and iOS games. Unity is among the top 3 mobile game engines worldwide. The developers use it to build competitive Android Games for Mobile. Moreover, the game engine is free to use unless your business revenue crosses $100,000 per year.

Besides, you can build impressive Android Games for Mobile using Unreal, Marmalade, Moia, Corona, Game Builder Studio, and other renowned game engines available online!

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Leading Android Game Development Practices & Challenges

Even though Android Game Development is a rewarding sector, the developers have to undergo certain challenges and issues deploying and maintaining the gaming software. However, they can follow some approaches amid executing their game-building project to overcome relative challenges. Let’s talk about such approaches in detail:

1. Quality for Creativity

Every game and mobile app developer is creative these days. However, mission quality on creativity can surely bring challenges for your mobile game business. Creativity must be logical and realistic. Though mobile games are an unreal world, tech companies are introducing the concept of the metaverse. As such, future mobile games could become a virtual but realistic world. Developers need to fetch their opportunities delivering such games.

2. Minimal UI

Your Android Game Development project must be devoted to user participation and interaction. The more interactive the game, the higher user traffic you can expect. Hence, minimizing game UI elements and functions could be a smart approach. You need to keep it minimum only in the initial period and let users get a deeper insight into the game.

3. Support More Devices

Android gameplay is not restricted to a smartphone. You must make sure that your game is compatible with multiple devices. For this, you can adopt a responsive design approach. It will help you go compatible with different screen sizes and resolutions. Android platform is available on Smart Watches, Smart TVs, Tablets, and Consoles.

4. Background Actions

Going further, the mobile game backend needs to be maintained occasionally. Even if you don’t use any coding technique, your game backend is generated in the background. If there’s an issue with the frontend that you’re unable to resolve, you have to move into the backend or hire a backend development expert.

5. Uninterrupted Gaming Experience

Moving ahead you have to offer an uninterrupted gaming experience to the users. Or else they could switch to other alternatives available on Google Play Store. Keep your mobile game free from unnecessary ads. Especially, if you’re creating an online FPS or relative open-world game. You can conduct online eSport tournaments in such games and therefore must go ad-free.

Moving ahead you should also ensure decent power consumption of the devices that users have. The visual quality of the gameplay should also be exceptional and you need to take care of the contemporary social networking and multiplayer trends.

Besides the leading challenges that the developers face during Android Game Development are- Imagine a Unique Story, Design Limitations, Analyzing User’s Perspective, etc.

Final Thought

To avoid various Android Game Development challenges, you can hire a talented development team at your workplace or get 3rd party services. If you have a start-up business model, you should go for 3rd party services that could save you a lot of bucks and lead to smart business investment. So, what’s your Android game idea?

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