Mobile games have always dominated the Google and Apple stores where millions of people explore new and exciting games daily. When you are planning to develop a gaming app, there are several aspects which you have to consider carefully and of course you need to equip it with some new flanged features which exhilarate any game lover. Unity is an ideal platform for cross-platform app development where you can explore lots of advanced features to make your game stand above all.

The tech support, graphics and visuals, documentation and debugging, every aspect will bring immense opportunities for you to develop an outstanding and stunning game for your audiences. A gaming app must be simple to understand and should have an effective compulsion loop to make it attractive and fantastic. This post will guide you through how to develop a mobile game using the Unity game development to make maximum out of it.

Why Unity is the most preferred platform for gaming?

Unity 3D is the most popular platform in the world for game developers because of its phenomenal flexibility and high-end visibility. Both Android and iOS developers can access several modular tools and structure a high-quality gaming experience. Moreover, the extensive set of features allows developers to create a virtual universe through it. The boundaries of Unity platform extends far beyond application development and is usually not coding oriented. This makes it an ideal choice for even the beginners as they can work on their creativity better than indulging in serious coding issues. Read further to get the best approach towards developing a game on Unity.

Start from the basics

It is better to stick with basic concepts when you are working on Unity for the first time. Unity offers plenty of tools and features for you to implement your creativity in the best possible ways. Try to create a simple game play with minimum object and uncluttered background. Unity is a vast ocean where you can’t just manage using all its features and tools to make your game interesting, so it will be better to keep it simple yet interesting with Unity. However, if you have sound knowledge of gaming and different game engines, you can think of trying your hands with some exclusive features and functionalities in Unity.

Error Messages should be dealt calmly

When you will start working on Unity, you will see error messages at each development stage that refers to some sort of mistake. Developers often get frustrated with these messages and it may leave you restless for the further processes. You have to interpret the message with a cool mind and try to come up with a possible solution for that error from the pool of immense features and functionalities available in the Unity platform.

Keep tracking garbage collection

When you sit to develop an app, there are several unused objects that get stored in your system and become a headache for the developer. Frequent calls to instantiate and destroy the game objects in the game life cycle is one of the causes for garbage collection. Likewise, function calls and when you concatenate strings also leads to garbage collection.

To avoid garbage collection, you must create a pool of game objects in the beginning and enable or disable them as per your need and requirement. You can also try developing some different kinds of architecture to support game object interactions which are not dependent on Get components.

Have a sound knowledge of interfaces and abstract classes

You have worked on C# and are not much familiar with interfaces and abstract classes of Unity. Code duplication and maintenance are some common issues which every game developer has to face during the development phase. It will be better to have some basic knowledge regarding the rules and situations where interfaces can be used effectively to create more generic scripts.

Consider Test-driven development TDD with Unity on theoretical basis. Unity demands thorough scrip testing and writing various tests on various tests on each stage of game development.

Use of Force text

Using force text is much convenient and suitable for asset serialization. Using this feature of unity, you can resolve issues related to scene, asset, and prefabs.

Using Visible Meta Files

Tis feature will enable you to check everything related to scenes, assets, and prefabs and the links which are connected to these. Using visible Meta files will act as a guide to get a complete list of all assets in the scene without iterating all.

Pooling and Approaches

The most time-consuming stage in game development is creating game objects, components, and characters. You should try re-using the assets in scenes and games to save time and resources.


The Unity Game development platform supports mobile app development acting as a cross-platform game engine. Unity 3D/4D comes heavily loaded with myriads of documentation to support any level game developer bring out his best creativity and simply implement it using Unity game engine.

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