Mobile app development operations are categorized into 4 major aspects- Native, Cross-Platform, Web, and Hybrid. Every aspect has its separate value, importance, and audience in the app market. Mobile apps are influencing the users’ living standards in multiple ways. Likewise, a web app development company can build an impressive web application for your target audience. If you want to protect your business through a web app, understand your audience.

Web app users don’t bother about the app install and simply use a web browser to access such apps. They also enjoy many other benefits and features associated with web applications. If you’re looking to build a corresponding app for your online business, a web app development company can advise you efficiently regarding your project. Web applications attract an ample audience at times.

You may convert your website into a web application or even a hybrid app. The content remains the same but its organization and presentation change accordingly. Angular is a famous web application development framework used by thousands of developers worldwide. Most web application development services are based on Angular.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the latest Angular 13 updates and features that may influence your app-building project in the future. Let’s get started!

What is Angular Web Framework?

What is Angular Web Framework?

Angular is an open-source and free to use app building framework introduced by Google. It is managed by Angular Team based in Google and was established in September 2016. The framework has got an MIT License and is highly reliable for developer use. A web app development company has to work with the relative tools for creating stunning applications for customers.

Angular is written in TypeScript and promotes the use of MEAN stack that comprises- Mongo DB, Express.js, Angular JS, and Node.js. So, the web application development services you search for are generally based on this tech stack. Either you can learn these technologies before undertaking a project or hand over your project to a trusted app development company.

8 Latest Updates & Features of Angular 13

8 Latest Updates & Features of Angular 13

If you want to use Angular for your future web application projects, you should stay informed regarding its latest features and facilities. However, you can also appoint a web app development team for bringing more effective outcomes for your project. App-building frameworks like Angular keep updating overtime to support the developer’s efforts, time, and skills. Web app developers can also come up with new ideas and strategies in the future.

As such, Angular version 13 has introduced new and advanced features that support web app developers with new visions and ideas. Angular web app development solutions have become more effective with these new updates and features. Let’s check them out:

1. Latest TypeScript 4.4

The new Angular 13 version consists of TypeScript 4.4. It is the main programming language available on Angular and is used by many developers out there. The developers have to update their skills based on the language used. They need to keep learning about the language updates from time to time. The TypeScript 4.4 doesn’t implement any setters and getters like old versions.

2. Ergonomic APIs

Angular 13 has enhanced the web application performance like never before. It has introduced new techniques to boost the loading speed and the dwell time on the app. These techniques include- Ergonomic Code Splitting and Granular Code Disruption. Every experienced web app development company is enjoying this feature for creating new apps and improving its ergonomic operations over time.

3. Improved Testing

The Angular framework has also introduced improved testing approaches and made exceptional changes to their TestBed. It is a unit testing technique found on Angular that can be used for creating new testing services and components. Using Angular 13, the developers can now optimize their tests and reduce the overall time span for their testing operations.

4. No to View Engine

The recent Angular version says a big no to View Engine. Instead, it has become 80% Ivy and eliminates codebase complications. Earlier, the viewing engine required separate maintenance cost and management efforts. It worked as a medium between your view and your browser. For more information, you can reach out to a web app development company and share your queries.

5. Alteration in APF

APF means Angular Package Format and it consists of the Angular web app building architecture. APF determines the format and structure of the corresponding packages. Recently, Angular 13 has introduced some changes to its APF such as Delivering ES2020 output, Terminated Production of EMD Bundle, and Creation of Ivy Partial Compilation Output.

6. Improved Angular CLI

Modern web app development operations could be quite complicated. However, Angular CLI helps you get rid of the various complications as such. Following the new Angular 13 update, the developers are experiencing fresh Angular CLI functions partnered with persistent build cache. A web app development company can bring better outcomes based on such enhanced features.

7. No Support for Internet Explorer 11

Though web app development operations are often associated with a web browser, you have to make sure the right browser is used. The current Angular 13 update has completely boycotted Internet Explorer 11. So, you need to switch to Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. Many of you might be using Chrome, Edge, and Firefox already, so you need not worry about the same.

8. Enhanced Accessibility

The next important update is about app design accessibility. Angular 13 has introduced new Material Design Components (MDCs) that are surely expected to raise app accessibility and user participation on your web application. These updates include- Larger Touch Button Size, Enhanced Checkboxes, Improved Contrast Modes, etc.

Final Thought

To raise your web app business presence in the market, you must keep updated regarding the new app development trends. A web app development company can suggest to you the best features for your web application and recommend the latest business opportunities for growth and advancement. Build a web application today and reach out to a unique audience with your incredible business idea!

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