Electric vehicles are going to rule the future. Several auto brands have already started promoting their e-scooters, e-cars, and bikes. Likewise, e-scooter app development is also getting popular in different countries. These e-scooters are coming with a digital speedometer and console. These digital consoles are partnered with a mobile application.

You can use the mobile app to control various functions of such e-scooters. Some apps are open-source and can be used by multiple brands. Where other apps are customized for a single brand. You can’t use them for other e-scooters. As such, the e scooter app development service has two different types. Most auto companies go for a dedicated, custom app to raise their brand value.

You simply need to remember a few things if you’re undertaking an e-scooter app development project. We’ve mentioned all those things  in this article. Have a look!

Adding Admin Panel Features

Adding Admin Panel Features

Admin panel features are strongly dedicated to the customer. The features help customers manage their e-scooter functionalities very smoothly. The main objective of electric scooter app development is to facilitate customers and make their rides more comfortable and convenient. The admin panel offers various forms of information to users. The top features of this panel include:

1. Consumer Dashboard

By adding this feature, you can let the customers review their name, ride history, and payment details. The dashboard comprises the rider’s personal information that the rider may change in the future. The rider must make sure that the information is true and doesn’t misguide him/her anyway.

2. Vehicle Management

Vehicle management consists of functions leading to vehicle control. The customers can change their driving mode and control the speed of the scooter easily using vehicle management features. Every e-scooter has got a vehicle management system and it’s important to maintain the quality of driving over a period.

3. Payment Management

Payment management can be of 2 different types- one for a personal vehicle and another for a ride-booking company. Some app companies are also providing the facility of e-scooter rental. So, where do the customers supposed to do payments for their ride? Then they need such payment management features. You can review a corresponding electric scooter service for payment details.

4. Station Management

The next important feature is station management which can be used by customers who want to rent an e-scooter. The rental companies provide various locations where the scooters are parked and the users just need to reach that place. They can track the location through an integrated or Google map. Such an app scooter can be used regularly.

5. Feedback

The customers must share their riding experience with the auto company for potential improvements in the product. Even if the product has no flaws, the customers can appreciate the company. It helps the company target more customers in the future. Hence, they provide a feature of feedback.

You must add these admin panel features for customer convenience.

Adding Core Features

Adding Core Features

Besides admin features, you shouldn’t forget the core features that represent the leading functions of the mobile app. Adding the core features to your e-scooter app is very important for customer retention. These core features include:

1. GPS Tracking

This feature is available in every new electric vehicle having a digital console. People who travel to new places need such GPS tracking assistance to stay on their way and reach the destination in time. GPS tracking system also helps the riders transport a product from one place to another without a delay.

2. QR Scanning

The e-scooter app development companies also add a QR scanning feature for promoting easy payment for the ride. The customers find it extremely easy and time-saving to pay through a QR code scan. They also have their own QR code related to their personal vehicle. The code reflects the personal information of the customer using a particular scooter brand.

3. Smart Lock

A smart lock is a very new and unique feature that locks up your e-scooter without using a key. In fact, the concept of a key has become outdated for the advanced electric scooter companies list. The smart lock can be enabled from a specific distance just like a smart car lock. That’s why is it among the leading core features.

4. Push Notifications

The riders can get a notification regarding renting a scooter on a specific date and time. Moreover, they get notifications related to their personal e-scooter in case they own one. The notifications play an important role in making the customers updated regarding new offers.

5. Discounts and Coupons

This is another aspect that the users must stay familiar with. They should know about the latest offers and coupon codes while booking an e-scooter ride. Even if they’re renting a scooter, they can enjoy certain perks and benefits given by the company. Electric vehicles are still expensive to use at times and therefore the customers keep looking for relative offers.

Cost of Electric Scooter App Development

The app development cost associated with an electric scooter company is based on various features as explained in the previous segments. Moreover, you can decide on the target platform and audience before analyzing the cost. The cost of creating such revolutionary mobile apps can be somewhere between $40000 to $100000. The cost may also vary depending on the service hours given to the app development project.

Final Thought

In this way, e-scooter app development becomes fun and successful process to complete. Various e-scooter auto and mobile app companies are investing in the relative business model. We hope this information will help you to start your electric scooter app development project easily.

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