What do you expect from the users the very next moment you launch your mobile app on a platform? Of course, the downloads. However, before downloading they need to check the user rating, features, latest updates, and other information about the business app you want to promote. Initially, you can get casual reviews from your friends & family that are generally positive.

But, moving ahead you have to face negative reviews from genuine customers or competitors. Even a best cross-platform app has to face some negative reviews in the future.

These negative reviews can impact your mobile app downloads very often. However, if you’ve got lots of positive reviews too, you can maintain a perfect overall user rating like 4.2-4.5 stars for your mobile app. Considering the best cross-platform app you’re not supposed to care about a few negative reviews. Instead, you should focus on bringing more innovative features as your mobile app grows in the app store.

Hence, to gain maximum download for your mobile app on any app store, you have to make sure of the quality of product or service you’re offering on the app. Through this article, we want to conclude 10 essential strategies for gaining maximum downloads for your mobile app. Keep reading!

Why Business Apps Need More & More Downloads?

Business Apps have to face more competition as there are lots of firms (Online or Offline) serving a common industry and consistently try to retain their respective positions in the marketplace. If we consider wearable app development, the industry relates to smart devices and gadgets. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of wearable app development is found to be more than 19% and is expected to rise effectively by the year 2026.

This means, there will be as many app downloads as the total number of smart devices available by that time. That’s how an industry grows when the market grows and the customers also rise in demand. Apart from wearable app development, you’re going to witness different other aspects of mobile app development goals your competitors would be approaching in the future. If you succeed to bring more and more downloads for your mobile app, you can stay in the market for a long.

Top 10 Strategies to Bring Maximum Downloads for Your Business App

In this segment, you’ll get to know about 10 new and effective strategies that can help you fetch more downloads for your business mobile app. Let’s get started:

1. Bring Some Initial Downloads

The very first strategy is to manage some initial downloads. Looking at the number of initial downloads, more users will get interested to have an initial insight into your app products and services. Make sure to attach a perfect description of your mobile app so that the users get to know where they’re about to invest their time and interest. You can approach your friends and folks to build your initial downloading status.

2. Using Right Keywords

Keyword research is a very essential approach for search engine optimization (SEO). Even for your mobile app, you need to specify your target user group. For example, “Best Cross-Platform App”. The user or consumer searching for this keyword is most often a business owner looking for a mobile app development service.

3. High Revenue

You can decide on particular mobile app categories or businesses that could generate better revenue for your online business. According to a survey, Dating & Relationship Apps are making the most out of the money factor in this context. Online dating platforms are expected to generate $3241 million in the US in 2021. Wearable App Development also has a fine potential in the race.

4. Target a Region

This is a simple marketing strategy that any business professional can go for, even selling traditionally. Regional distribution of the market is essential because people often don’t like certain products that they haven’t used since birth. This may include some Food Items, Clothing, Entertainment Stuff, etc.

5. Positive Reviews

Without positive reviews, you can’t maintain your influence on the app stores. Consistent positive reviews are very important as certain users share their issues with the application and you’re required to listen to them carefully. You also have to reply to them even if they do not share any issue, usually, with a Thank You note.

6. Backlinks

Backlinks are a part of Off-Page SEO and are very effective to bring user access from different external sources. You can either go for guest posting or simply place a link to your mobile app on the app store from some other website. However, you need to talk to the webmaster or web owner and explain your download improvement scheme. The services are paid as well as free at times.

7. Social Media Presence

Moving ahead, you need to create and maintain your mobile app’s social media presence. For example, you can create frequent posts related to Best Cross-Platform Apps and also create a community for regular or occasional discussions that could bring traffic to your product-centric social media page.

8. Retention Strategy

Whether you have blogs or social media posts related to your mobile app, you need to promote user engagement out of the same. Your content must be interesting so that the users don’t bounce off. You need to understand what your marketing message means to your customers and act accordingly.

9. Appealing Logo

A dull logo with poor color combinations and graphics can ruin your downloads drastically. It is found that an app logo can surely impact the user perspective about the mobile app and could also represent quality and standard sometimes. The users always want standard apps that don’t mislead them to the wrong products and services.

10. Videos & Photos

The app stores also let the developers and app owners mention their mobile app photographs & videos in the form of a trailer or promos because visuals can describe a product more effectively than words. Hence, you can’t compromise on providing such visual content about your mobile app on the app store.

Final Words

In this way, you can surely raise the number of app downloads for your mobile app and capture the market opportunities very well. To know more about Best Cross-Platform App building solutions for your mobile app building goal you can simply contact Appikr. We’ve served 1200+ satisfied clients all over the world so far. Let’s talk!!

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