Besides the huge popularity of cross-platform app development approaches, Native apps are also performing surprisingly well on app stores. Native mobile apps are devoted to one OS and hence remain the first choice of many app companies and clients. The apps have certain features and functions that differentiate them from other types of mobile apps. These apps are a little superior to cross-platform apps in case of performance and speed.

If you’re just going to start your mobile app business, react native mobile app development is surely not your cup of tea. It often represents the online presence of large-scale companies and business models. Native mobile apps are more stable, reliable, trustworthy, and foremost dedicated to specific devices and OS. If you have a renowned business identity, a native mobile app can help you protect that identity for a longer period and retain your top clients and users efficiently.

Besides, React Native Mobile Apps reflect the example of cross-platform apps that follows the native culture to target relative users and customers. In this post, we’ve listed the best react native apps that new developers and app companies can get their inspiration from. Let’s have a detailed discussion!

What Makes Native Apps Different?

The foremost foundation of certain successful native apps is their uniqueness. Therefore, such apps promote high quality and standards as compared to other app categories. Bigger companies having an online presence don’t prefer to go with a cross-platform framework too often. Because they also want to look and act differently. React Native apps are faster than the usual app and have got a quick leading time.

Moreover, the app companies that don’t care about user traffic and have got notable user recognition regarding their top goods and services surely choose native apps to promote their existing business offers. They don’t need to create a new customer base for their products and services. App building projects that follow React Native App development equally focus on user traffic and app performance.

Best React Native Apps of 2021

All types of mobile apps available on app stores inspire other developers in a positive or negative way to decide on their next project. They can get an idea of what the contemporary app users like and dislike and partner with their unique business vision.React Native apps are also inspiring numerous app companies that are new into the field plan for exceptional performance over app stores.

In this segment, we’ll explore some of these renowned apps and their respective business model encompassing their app maintenance principles. Let’s find out:

1. Uber

Uber’s business model reflects on-demand service and is, therefore, a brilliant way of hitting user traffic. Everyone needs such services and there’s no point in dedicated user traffic. Hence, the app company pays more attention to the app performance and loading speed rather than the user traffic based on different platforms. That’s why Uber gives priority to the native mobile app development approach.

2. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a smartphone-centric app and is available to both iPhone and Android users. The reason why it uses native app development and maintenance strategy is its unique functionality that can’t be the same for various devices. The app also comes with various platform-specific features that let users feel exceptional about themselves while using their advanced swipe keyboards.

3. Pinterest

The native mobile app is surely a hero in the social networking industry as providing with various visual and picture-sharing amenities to social media users and companies. Thanks to the native structure of the mobile app that has got different features for different OS and serve unmatched reliability and security with lightning speed the servers are available to provide the app users. Being a social media platform, app owners need not care much about user traffic.

4. WhatsApp

Another social networking miracle that native app developers have given the world is WhatsApp. It is currently the most used chatting application across the world and provides frequent updates to users and customers out there. Owned by Facebook, the app also serves a great amount of reliability and trustworthiness. It was the 4th most downloaded app in 2020 and provides unmatched performance in terms of voice and video chat along with the text.

5. Spotify

The music application is doing incredibly amazing in the online entertainment industry and delivers various styles and appearances to different device users. It is also regarded as a leading cloud-native app by millions of users across the world. As such, it gives them access to billions of songs and podcasts that are downloadable and lets users create their individual playlists for a whole new experience. The app also comes with a unique radio integration that lets users switch to their favorite radio channels anytime anywhere.


Besides, there is Pokémon Go, Magento 2 POS, Tesla, Waze, and various other native apps to consider in the list. These apps are changing the entire app usage culture for users and companies to interact more effectively together. Businesses often look for better relationships with customers and such native apps are helping them out with their objectives.

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