Multiple platform mobile apps are becoming more famous than earlier as the competition is consistently growing for new app businesses in the market. Consequently, developers are providing the Best Cross-Platform App Development solutions to prospective clients and businesses on the mobile app stores. The popularity of cross-platform app development is all because of the famous development frameworks available within.

Flutter & React Native are the most famous of them. However, there are many other emerging cross-platform app development frameworks that can compete with Flutter & React Native with specific features and characteristics. Finding Best Cross-Platform App Development services often require app owners to decide among such frameworks ahead of time. If you’re also running a corresponding online business you have to decide among these frameworks.

The frameworks have different features but aim for a common objective, that is app development. Kotlin is one fine cross-platform app development framework that’s not as popular as Flutter or React Native but is usually considered in the top 10 list of such app development frameworks worldwide. In this post, we’re going to compare Kotlin with React Native depending on various parameters. Let’s proceed!

React Native Framework

Why not start with the more famous option. React Native usually stands among the top 2 frameworks available in the marketplace. The framework is developed by Facebook and is extremely famous among the Best Cross-Platform App Development solutions available out there. The framework allows developers having proficiency over Java Script to create potential mobile apps having top-notch UI & UX design.

The app also has a JS library to facilitate developers with the latest tools & instruments for creating innovative mobile apps without using codes. Cross-platform app development is dedicated to an easier way of app creation for multiple platforms and React Native does that efficiently. Enlisted are the added features that depict why nearly 38% of global Cross-Platform Mobile App Developers are using React Native:

1. Code Reusability

The same coding data can be used to create different versions of the same mobile app for different OS. This makes React Native extremely fast for cross-platform app projects. Moreover, the developers are also using different project management methodologies to deliver the final outcome ahead of time and without any major errors and mistakes.

2. Mobile App Stores

Using React Native, the developers can easily deploy their end product on different mobile app stores like Google Play, Apple, or Microsoft. These app stores can bring multiple user opportunities for app businesses as compared to native apps. That’s why cross-platform frameworks are popular among developers.

3. Hot Reload

It is a new feature in the framework that assists the same to stand among the Best Cross-Platform App Development solutions out there. Developers can instantly make changes to the existing code without freezing or interrupting the mobile app and can preview the same the very next moment.

4. Native UI Components

The deficiency of the Native App functionalities can also be neutralized using such a Cross-Platform Mobile App Developer framework. As a result, typical iPhone & Android users can feel the same using cross-platform apps as they often feel with native apps. You don’t need to use HTML Tags and compile those components into platform-centric UI components.

5. Enhanced Performance

Followed by the Native App UI Components and their support, the performance of cross-platform apps based on React Native rises exceptionally. The cross-platform app entirely behaves like a native app and performs better than the hybrid and web-based apps. Moreover, the app can be used to target added audiences on different mobile app stores easily.

Apart from that, testing the reliability and usability of the React Native framework is far better than many other frameworks available. It is free and open-source to be used by developers proficient in JavaScript. Appikr is also employing corresponding developers to provide for various cross-platform app-building projects!

Kotlin Framework

As discussed earlier, there are many other least famous, still Best Cross-Platform App Development instruments that are unexplored and used in specific conditions by top developers at times. Kotlin is one of those frameworks. For a start, Kotlin was never a cross-platform app development framework before 2020. It is majorly a programming language.

However, JetBrains has recently introduced the app development framework version of the language as Kotlin Multiplatform, to support various app developers and their respective cross-platform projects. Kotlin’s Standard Library also relies on the Java Class Library, however, there are certain features that differentiate it from React Native. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1. Easy Learning

Where React Native often takes time for newbie developers to go through the core principles of JavaScript, Kotlin is extremely easy to learn. The syntax of the Kotlin language is very similar to Swift & Java and allows developers to go for an alternative without a second thought amid an emergency.

2. Modular Integration

Though Kotlin behaves like a genuine cross-platform mobile app developers’ framework, it is actually an SDK. It helps developers switch to another codebase very easily by integrating the existing app with different modules out there in case of providing for the changing user tastes and preferences.

3. Common Codebase

Apart from differences, there are certain features that establish a few similarities in the Kotlin SDK. Using the same codebase is often the leading characteristic of a cross-platform app development solution. Kotlin also delivers the same features and functions to the app developers at the time they’re not ready to use React Native due to some technical issue.

4. Native UI

The Native UI access is a little higher in the case of Kotlin than React Native and allows developers to make use of the Native UI elements entirely, without any restrictions. Following the same, the performance of Kotlin mobile apps doesn’t stay anywhere inferior to React Native.

Final Thought

As such, you can easily differentiate between these two Best Cross-Platform App Development frameworks available and intensify your app development project outcome like a pro. Or else, you can approach Appikr and share your app development issues with our highly skilled iOS & Android app developers right away. We’re a famous cross-platform mobile app development company based in the UAE, USA, India, and the UK. Get in touch!

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