App stores are full of iOS & Android App framework options. Some apps are based on a common programming language while others are based on multiple of them. New clients & businesses are often concerned about the React Native Mobile App development option. It is easy to use, open-source and requires only one programming language to create mobile apps for iOS as well as Android. The programming language is JavaScript. It is often used to develop Android apps but with React Native framework, the outcome is quite different.

React Native is owned by Facebook and can also be abbreviated as UI software that’s used to develop the frontend appearance and functionalities of the mobile app. The framework was released in March 2015 and is the 2nd most popular among the existing mobile app developers across the globe, after Flutter. The React Native Mobile App framework is very popular among Android, macOS, tvOS, Android TV, Web & Windows as well.

React Native App Development is crucial for the developers as they don’t need to learn different languages to create native apps for different platforms. Through this post, we want to let you know why this framework is essential for modern app development objectives and the top 6 examples of React Native mobile apps to review in 2021. Let’s get started!

Why Use React Native Mobile App?

React Native apps are among the most used mobile apps available on the app stores. These apps cover 1.86% of all the mobile apps available on different app stores. Moreover, the apps indicate around 3.6% of installations collectively worldwide. Besides, the market share of such apps among the top mobile apps available is more than 5%. In this way, the framework is a notable choice of the React Native Mobile App Developers out there.

Enlisted are other leading factors that suggest why you should go for the React Native option to build a perfect mobile app to represent your online business:

  • React Native is a trustworthy platform developed by Facebook
  • React Native offers one codebase for creating apps for two platforms
  • React Native doesn’t let you learn multiple languages for app building
  • You can be proficient in any of the following languages to create an app with React Native- JS, SQL, C#, Python, Java, PHP, C, TypeScript, Swift, and more
  • React Native is a popular framework- it has helped developers create renowned mobile apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Netflix, Zomato, Uber, Skype, Tesla, etc.
  • React Native has a consistent growth record over years, regarding developers’ choice
  • React Native helps saving extra time and effort on part of the developers

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6 Best React Native Apps

React Native is the foundation of many famous mobile apps available on app stores. These apps can further encourage businesses to approach the React Native framework for better performance and user recognition. Creating React Native Mobile App is a fruitful experience as it doesn’t let developers undergo a restless work schedule and they can use their built-in expertise right away to create different kinds of a mobile app.

In this section, we’ll talk about the top 6 React Native Mobile Apps to review in 2021. We’ll also discuss the important points that make these apps hit the bull’s eye. Take a look:

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that’s simply growing exceptional since its inception in the early 2000s. The company initially had a fine competitor called Orkut but soon captured a huge market share when Orkut was out of the field. Even today, the company has no major competitors in the market except for Microsoft-owned LinkedIn & Skype. Facebook itself commands to other major companies- Instagram & WhatsApp.

2. Instagram

Although the app is itself owned by Facebook, it has a huge individual user base from different parts of the world. Instagram used the React Native Mobile App Development services to amplify their existing native app UI and UX. Using the framework, Instagram transformed their old WebView to Push Notifications. These notifications are crucial for app owners to stay connected with their app users.

3. Skype

Skype never used React Native to modify its existing app functions or appearance. They recreated a new React Native app to represent their new virtual products and services and that’s why approached React Native in 2016. The new app came with a fresh layout and improved features to provide whole new features to the users.

4. Tesla

Moving ahead to a more innovative approach, React Native Mobile App has brought smart vehicle control solutions to electric car companies like Tesla. The React Native app can easily locate the vehicle and diagnose it properly. The controls are partial, however, very helpful in case of an accidental encounter.

5. Walmart

Walmart is again an example of the modification of an existing mobile app using React Native. The company was looking for enhancing its Android as well as iOS app performance and that’s why approached the framework. The mobile app came out to be very useful and became more popular among new & old users. The new app also provides better animation & native performance.

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is a famous online homestay and vacation rental booking platform that offers travelers to book someone’s house for a weekend, month, or year as per the conversation with the house owner ahead of time. The developers were able to reuse the code easily and recreated Airbnb on behalf of their prerequisite.

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