Smartphones have brought a new trend for private conversations and chatting into the market. Although users can go for private phone calls, secret texting has its own benefits. Therefore, secret message apps are becoming famous in the mobile market. These applications are providing unmatched security for users.

Today, database and information security are the top priority of various app companies. You can find the latest security support and assistance on secret message apps for Android and iOS. The chatting company may have access to users’ secret conversations but it makes sure that outsiders and malware attackers don’t get access to it.

In this post, we are going to represent the 6 best secret messaging apps . We’ll also review the different amazing features available on these secret texting apps.

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What Are Secret texting Apps & How do They Work?

What Are Secret texting Apps & How do They Work appikr

Secret texting applications are very commonly used by smartphone users. These are a sort of social media app dedicated to private chatting and messaging. These secret chatting apps also provide the option of video and audio calling. Moreover, people can send private voice messages to their friends and family and can lock their app using another third party app. These applications are very safe and secure for private use.

Users need to register with their personal details and mobile number to get started with a secret apps. They can further add their friends and family contact to their texting app account for doing further conversations!

6 Best Secret Messaging Apps to Review in 2022

In this segment, we’re going to review 6 top secret apps for Android and iOS platforms. We’ll see how these apps differ from each other and what unique features you can enjoy on these apps. By using these applications, Let’s review these apps:

1. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is among the leading private messaging apps in the market. In fact, it is among the earliest free messaging apps for Android out there. The company started its business operations when Apple introduced its first smartphone in 2008 and created a new idea of private messaging. It has got an end-to-end encryption feature that maintains the privacy of user conversation very effectively. Now, the company is owned by Meta and has got better security.

2. Telegram


Telegram is a UAE-based private texting app that’s getting enough user attention nowadays. Apart from secure messaging apps, some mobile app development companies offer channel-building facilities and Telegram is one of them. You can create your channel and distribute audio, video, and image content through it. You can share your stuff personally or build your dedicated community on this application. The company also provides multiple account support.

3. Viber


Viber majorly serves the video calling needs of the users. However, it also delivers unmatched secret texting services to the users. You can use such chatting apps for Android phones and tablets as well. The company provides web app syncretization for both tablet and desktop users. Besides, Viber also provides Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs for funnier private conversations. These secret messaging apps are becoming very famous these days.

4. Threema


Threema is a unique application but is based on the same secret messaging concept. What makes it unique are the additional features and functions. It provides a poll feature that you can use to conduct a voting session among your community or friends. Such group texting apps are also gaining user attention as secret texting apps also promote social media interactions to some extent. The apps also offer high-quality video calling.

5. Signal


Just like its name, the mobile app offers very unique and essential features to the users. It is among those free wifi texting apps for Android that have open-source cryptographic protocols. The user data is not stored on any server regulated by the company admins. It also promotes highly secured groups for conducting private conversations. Additionally, the company provides the option of private audio and video calls that don’t compromise on quality.

6. Silence


While using secret messaging apps for Android phone, the users have to register with their phone number. However, there’s no requirement of signing up on Silence. You even don’t need an internet connection to use this application. This makes Silence a great alternative to all the above-mentioned popular products. No internet means no malware and ransomware attacks. It comes with Axolotl encryption and is super secure to use.

There are many other famous options in the app market like- Dust, Wire, CYPHR, CoverMe, and Line. You can make your decision depending on your level of secrecy, favorite features, preferences, and requirements.

Ending Thought

More secure and trustworthy secret texting apps for Android and iOS are approaching the market. Smartphone users are becoming more conscious about their data and information and understand what viruses and malware can do to their devices. That’s why the demand for such secret texting applications is rising notably. We hope this informative will help you to choose your secret messaging app easily.

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