Do you know why social media platforms often succeed to impress the smartphone audience? Because a human being is a social animal and these platforms simply intensify human behavioral traits. Now they’re meeting each other virtually. Using social media apps people organize their reunion and get-together events both physically and virtually. Besides, Social Media App Development leads to an online platform for marketing and promotion.

Several online companies and businesses promote their top goods and services over social media apps. The term Social Media Marketing (SMM) represents such business operations. The social app developers are required to understand the concept of online marketing and introduce relative features on their app. Social Media App Development has various aspects dedicated to a good user experience. The developers need to imply effective UI/UX design.

Social media platforms must promote user interest & participation. Therefore, the app features and functions should act accordingly. Many other factors are responsible for building a potential social media app. In this post, we’ve covered a comprehensive guide to Social Networking App Development that you can follow and determine your new app business objectives. So, let’s get started!

What is a Social Media App & What Are Its Types?

A social media application can be classified into various categories. The app companies can select a particular type satisfying their business requirement. Consequently, the Social Media App Development operations vary among different types of projects. You must share your app vision and ideas with the developers before executing the project. Mobile App Development is not possible without pre-defined goals and objectives.

Many app-building projects fail due to wrong and unrealistic objectives after the app launch. The main client objective of creating a social media app is generating user traffic. Such mobile apps often get a huge user traffic classified among various categories like- Regular Users, Influencers, Marketers, Content Creators, Companies, and Brands, etc. The 2nd objective of such apps is to conduct user interactions in various forms.

Most social networking app companies want to accomplish these 2 objectives. Enlisted are the main types of social media applications available:

  • Social Networks
  • Media Sharing Networks
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Community & Discussion Forums
  • Q & A Platforms
  • Consumer Review Portals
  • Job Portals
  • Relationship Networks
  • Messenger Networks
  • Anonymous Social Networks and more

The business vision may further acquire new colors, shapes, and appearances. It depends on the app owner what new product & service ideas they’re planning to bring through their social apps & websites. Appikr welcomes such visionary companies with our world-class Mobile App Development solutions. Based in the UAE, our company is devoted to global app building & promotional projects!

Social Media App Development in 2021- A Comprehensive Guide

The year 2021 is quite fresh for social media app companies. Following the global Covid19 pandemic, the smartphone usage culture has changed. People have started using their phones and especially social networking apps more than earlier. That’s because they’ve spent a lot of time at their home and missed multiple social gatherings in the past 1.5 years. Therefore, the Social Media App Development services have also changed over time.

The developers are initiating advanced app functions that could raise user engagement. These functions are introduced in the new updates. Here’s a comprehensive guide to social app development in 2021 that you must acknowledge:

1. Establish the Latest Features

Every mobile app has got some features that bring user participation. New social media apps are coming up with new features. The features are aimed at improving social interactions and the dwell time of visitors. The top features you shouldn’t miss in this context are- Profile Building, Onboarding, Innovative Post Creation, Social Feed, New Search Components, Improved Chatting, Analytics, Location-Based Content, Improved Filters, AI Chatbot, etc.

These features can be implied in different kinds of social media applications. In 2021, people are approaching mobile apps with lots of new features and functions as advanced smartphone devices and products are coming up.

2. Review the Technology

The existing technology is introducing new and advanced products to users and customers. AR & VR is the best example to consider. The app developers want users to create advanced content for their followers and viewers. The content must be compatible with the latest technologies like AR VR. Where Augmented Reality (AR) adds visual graphics and animation to the user’s real-world, Virtual Reality (VR) allows them to enter a new visual world and environment.

3. Invest in Social Media App Development Project

If you haven’t invested in such a business model so far, here’s the time for you to shine out. By investing in a Social Media App Development project, you can surely increase your online reputation and corporate worth in the future. These apps aren’t going anywhere as they provide for various social aspects comprising worldwide interactions and sharing of data. It helps businesses Cover Global audiences, Raise Accessibility, Advertising Goods & Services, Collect Audience Information, and more.

4. Development Process

If you’ve got no development experience, you can simply hire a freelancer agency or an app development company for better results. The development process needs to consist- Front End Development, Backend Development, Database Development, and the right programming language. The development process is incomplete without any one of these components. For exceptional results, you must collaborate with a talented team of app designers and marketers as well.

5. Monetization Model

Monetization is an app feature or functionality that could bring earnings for the app owners. The best example to consider here is social commerce. The users or companies can post ads about their goods and services using the relative functions available on the top social media apps. Moreover, the app companies must evaluate the total cost of developing such a mobile app.

Wrapping Up

In this way, you can execute a successful Social Media App Development project in 2021. To know about other challenges the emerging app developers are facing these days, get in touch with Appikr’s amazing mobile app development services. We’re a leading native and hybrid app development company in the UAE. Let’s talk!!

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