Social media apps and websites represent a great share of online trends. Whether related to shopping, social interactions, or social content, these trends are impacting worldwide audiences. As a result, Social Media App Development services are also relating to the latest trends and the developers are doing their job taking such trends into account. Social media is itself a trend-based industry because it accommodates audiences from all over the world.

There are no 2 different Facebook apps for the US and Indian audience. Moreover, users from various regions of the world can make friends with one another except for personal restrictions. If you’re planning to create an innovative social media app, all you need is a fresh and unique idea partnered with a brilliant Social Media App Development solution. Moving ahead, you just need a little marketing and promotional support.

New Social Media Apps can also build great audiences with the help of elementary promotion and digital marketing aid. However, the business idea must be unique and relatable. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are among the top rivals for any other social media app in the market today. You can’t even imagine copying their business strategy and succeeding in the long run.

Through this article, we want to highlight the contemporary Social Media App Development trends that you shouldn’t miss out on while executing your project. This may help you overcome different competitive challenges and raise the user recognition for your app in the initial period of business growth. Let’s proceed to the topics!

Success Factors for Social Media Apps

Even though social media apps are not the foremost app category on the app stores, they get the highest user traffic. Because such apps attract more user attention as compared to other apps. Social Media App Development is usually focused on global traffic except for the countries implying specific protocol against the app usage. Apart from that, other factors that are responsible for the success of your new social media app are:

  • The apps must be easy to use
  • Social networking apps need to support some form of innovation
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Positivity from the app usage
  • One step ahead from being just a communication channel
  • Promote higher interactions
  • New forms of content (videos, audio, pictures, and GIFs)
  • Enhanced personal profile creation and maintenance features

Additionally, Mobile App Development companies must consider the existing smartphone trends and user preferences before deciding the app features and functionalities. Appikr also stays updated to the emerging social networking trends and the user response to such trends. Our app development company has catered to many native and global social media app-building projects so far!

Latest Social Media App Development Trends to Review

The Top Social Media Apps in the market are just following the trends and transforming their business strategies accordingly. Moreover, the Social Media App Development companies are focusing on higher user security. These apps accommodate a huge foundation of users’ personal data, that could be manipulated in the future. Hence, social security is a popular concern of such business models these days.

In this segment, we’ll highlight the leading trends that app developers must be aware of regarding their social media app-building projects.

Let’s review them one by one:

1. Live Streaming

Both social network app users and businesses are using this feature to share their existing lifestyle, status, experiences with their connections. The businesses are specifically sharing the corresponding events and social gatherings with the followers. In this way, people come to know what more their favorite brands & companies are doing except for selling a particular product or service. In this way, they feel more connected to their ideal brands.

2. AR Technology

AR is another important trend to consider in the list. It means Augmented Reality and is related to the same sort of social media content. However, the app users also need to purchase devices that are compatible with the technology. Augment Reality is letting users interact with some virtual figures and apply them to the real world in front of them. The technology is going to target various smartphone devices in the form of innovative apps.

3. Social Media Stories

The stories are irrespective of the content type used. The content type includes- Written Content, Image Content, Infographics, Videos (Short & Long), Animation and GIF, etc. The better the story, the higher the user traffic and participation. The Social Media App Development companies are focusing on introducing new and innovative ways of storytelling. Surely, they’re not storytellers but know how to hold user attention by introducing new app features and functions.

4. VR Technology

A close cousin to AR technology, Virtual Reality helps users get a real-life experience watching video content. If the content is available in a 360-degree virtual view, then it’s a more impressive experience. Though the technology has not yet collaborated with the live streaming feature available on New Social Media Apps, it has become a very new thing for user experience.

Virtual Reality is the future of many smartphone apps and that’s why renowned tech companies like Apple, Samsung, and HTC are investing in developing relative devices and headsets.

5. Chatbot & AI

The emerging trend is adding advanced chatbot & AI features to mobile apps. These features let users get better solutions to their problems and issues with the social media app they’re using. AI means artificial intelligence and is becoming a part of various business industries worldwide. The chatbot feature is also based on the AI concept and could answer the top user queries and issues without interaction with the experts. Social Media App Development is also devoted to the use of such technology.

Closing Thought

Social Media App Development is also promoting the eCommerce trend by providing stunning social commerce features on the corresponding mobile apps. In addition, such apps are popular for social media advertising (SMM) that helps various fashion & tech brands raise their business potential overnight.

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